Monday, July 16, 2012


Exhausted. After intense days, abducted twice last nite, first by Faction 2, which mutilated me further, put more implants in me, and deactivated my Cygnan DNA. I know because I had sex with Linda and could tell the difference. Also, no baby. It is amazing to me that these White racists are so hateful that they are willing to stop the creation of life but that is the way that they are.

Then second abduction (except I was willing and consented) was by Patiots. We took care of long business, and imminent danger is passed. there is alot going on i dont write about. I am not even sure this is getting out to anyone.

i just know i am exhausted, tapped out from all the activity with not enough testosterone, no thyroid meds, and faction 2 vuirus. I need thyroid. my hair is falling out, my skin is severely dry, and my foot heels went from being soft and normal in dry desert air, to severely calloused less than 1/2 from the island ocean. I am so tired, i cannot remember names or hold thoughts in my head. tired to write earlier today, and a couple of pages had me so exahsuted i could barely hold my head up. Also had me fuming angry--irritability anger and fatigue, and low brain functioning--always sure sign of not enough testosterone.

I want to ascen but no i can nver do so in this condition under thise scirucmstances. know i am misseplellung words, but brain not responsive enough to know. I am willing to consider all options that will enable me to have man sized testosteron and let me live as a man.

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