Thursday, July 12, 2012

Still paying back karma...

Still paying back karma...after all these years and lives. I spent all day, yesterday in pursuit and battle with a CIA spaceship which had kept the dream implantation and mind flipping technology on it as a back up. The Patriots figured this out, after they abducted me the preceding night, but I now am able to track the very frequencies that abduct me, so that spaceship and technology is now neutralized--whether that means blasted to hell or in the hands of the Patriots, I do not know. I am not sure which I would prefer. It is scary to think of that spiritual enslavement technology being in the hands of anyone. However, the bottom line is that the reptiles are in possession of it, that they have used it to flip interdimensionals and 3D humans, so maybe it is better if it is the hands of good people who can figure out how to neutralize or counteract it.

Anyway, it was a really rough day, yesterday, because along with the technology to implant my dreams (are they so stupid that they don't know that I know the difference between an implanted dream and a real one?), they had downloaded the pregnancy hormones, also through implants placed in my brain as a child. After all, that was what I was set up for--to not only sexually service Draco reptiles, but to carry natal Amon RA serpents in my uterus. Yuck!!! Can you imagine my disgust and horror at the thought of what these Faction 2 snake slaves have wanted to do to me? The sad thing is, that they are still at it. They are so brainwashed and so soul-lost, that they will not give up. They are like the White slavers in Africa, looking to capture and enslave anybody by any means necessary. They are like the "lost boys", who have no meaning in their sold out lives, except ensnare other victims into the hell in which they live.

The really sad part is that they honestly believe that they have some kind of "soul contract" or "karmic agreement that mandates consent by the victim. That is total bullshit, and the basis of my rational for rejecting reincarnation for years. I will not and do not accept that one's karma from a past life seals one's fate or status in this life. Like most Westerners and people of Judeao-Christian heritage, I believe that every human being is born free--free to choose their identity and their station in life. Yes, none of us are completely free, but ultimately it is our freedom to choose that is the basis of human rights and human dignity.

Now, I am not going to deny that I have a lot of karmic shit clinging to me, which is what gives the KaBal occult power over me; what I do claim is my human birthright to choose whether to accept or reject it, to cooperate with or resist it. I believe that actions have consequences, but I do not believe in punitive suffering for negative or criminal behavior. I mean that sincerely--having served as a counselor in a maximum security prison for five years. I believe instead in a society that tries to help people overcome and rehabilate the damage done by their negative actions in the past, not just for the culpable or unfortunate individual, but for the amity and common good of the social body as a whole.

However, let's face the truth. This is a slave planet. We 3D humans have been sold out to the reptiles by the interdimensional humans (most factions of Sirians), to act as a buffer to protect them. You wonder why imperialism exists? As above, so below. That is why the KaBalist humans are completely unswayed by my presentation of facts and truth--they themselves are slaves in this order, and all they can do is hope to ensnare others to share their misery.

However, all this being said, there can be no question that I have brought a lot of KaBal claim onto my life through actions in my last. However, to be fair, we all have--this is the state of "original sin" into which we are born. A couple of days ago, when I wrote about Elizabeth I, saving England from Spanish invasion by making a pact with interdimensional reptilian entities, I forgot to add that the Spanish should not gloat or be smugly revisionist about a hypothetical history. For the only reason that the Spanish attained the heights of power that it did, was because Ferdinand and Isabella had sold out to the reptiles themselves. As a matter of fact, wherever power surges, it is almost certain that one can find hidden interdimensional (Sirian or reptile) patronage, that is of a slave order.

That is, the interdimensional partners will always want more back than they give (nothing altruistic about our current cosmic setup, folks), and besides gold, what they want, are souls--souls to suffer for (in wars or through economic or social misery) the enjoyment of reptiles, or to service reptiles in whatever capacity they need or choose--including the consumption of humans, or the pedophilic abuse of children.

Now, as I mentioned the Elizabethan curse has been broken, even though it has caused tremendous pain and suffering to the British royal family over the years. However, the curse on America has not been broken. You see, the only outstanding soul contract that I have made is not only personal, but involves the USA, and it was made by my incarnation as George Washington. Now Washington, like Elizabeth I, like so many other rulers, was bascially a good man, who wanted the best for his people. In the dead of winter at Valley Forge, however, his army was in desperate straits. The Americans knew how to fight, but they had no food, no clothes, no weapons or ammo (remember the elementary school stories of bleeding footprints in the snow?). Well, Ben Franklin had been to Europe and made the acquaintance of Freemasons, which were/are a human front for Sirians (you know the interdimensional slavers that I just wrote about). Franklin was very involved in the occult KaBal, and among the acquaintances he made in France was a certain "St. Germain". That is one of Salusa'aliases. Remember Salusa? The one who I have identified as Lucifer, and the being who brought satanic worship to this planet, after he destroyed my own interdimensional status, so that the humans would have no Watcher to look after them?

Well, St. Germain, Salusa, Lucifer, was the one who rescued the American Patriots of the Revolution from certain defeat. Remember, that it is easy for occultists to make gold. That is what Salusa provided Washington and the Patriots--materiel and financial resources to keep the fight going, when it should have died. Now, Washington probably knew that this St. Germain character was not totally trustworthy, but he was desperate. Remember that the Patriots had pledged their "sacred honor, fortunes, and lives" when they signed the Declaration of Independence. They were literally traitors, and four of them were hung, and others had their property confiscated. Britain was ruled by an insane king, and a Parliament which probably was trying to hold the home front together, and had no times for creative and consentual governance with the colonies. So, for Washington, it was imperative that he make the deal with St. Germain, all in exchange for a lighthouse and property at Montauk, and some freemason ritual tomfoolery done in the new capital, such as Masonic cornerstones being placed in the major public buildings.

This deal with (what we know to be) "the devil", is why this nation is now so ruled by negative occult KaBalists. Yes, there has been help along the way--the federal Reserve, Truman, the digging up of the Masonic stones, which then were shipped to lodges, where now magical rituals are performed on them, JFK's assasination, etc. This deal is why I, a simple, "innocent" American citizen have not been able to get any justice for the past 15 years, as I have complained bitterly about my suffering and endured abuse. The KaBal is above the government, and the government struggles to serve the people, and not the KaBal. This has to change, and I am laboring to redress this grievous error I made in my incarnation as George Washington, not only to save my soul, but to save my nation---because the Sirians are slavers. They will not let up until they are flung off by overwhelming force or karmic release.

We 3D humans do not have the necessary overwhelming force, so I must work towards karmic release. In the meantime, I have to eat food that has been contaminated by the Sirian virus, and deal with energy weapons being directed at me, as I walk down the street, but that is okay. I have a plan. It will involve sacrifice and some sadness and loss, but again, the benefit, and my future life, will be worth it, and I really do think that everything will turn out for the best in the long run.

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