Friday, July 13, 2012

I guess I am in the big leagues now

I guess I am in the big leagues now--someone from Faction 2 literally tried to assasinate me night before last. I was going out for an evening stroll to try to relieve the back pain I felt. I noticed that I was getting loopy and drugged, but remember, I am often zapped by different energy weapons with different viruses and I thought that is what had happened. When I got back, however, Linda was nearly hysterical. She had a friend with her, and together, they got me to cough up a huge mucous ball. They told me that someone had tried to kill me, and since they are psychics, and monitor my movements, I trust them.

I felt them pull out a little dart--just like a cacti spine. I figured out (the huge mucous ball was a clue--that is the medium in which the bugs live) that they blasted me with bugs that contained code to either give me a heart attack or a stroke. However, I coughed up the huge bug, so I did not die. I woke up with a massive high estrogen headache, and very groggy however, and I have spent all day clearing bugs out of my system--more coughing them up.

I also spent most of the day helping to track and capture my would be assassins, and reliving more past memories of Osiris--the implants that were activated by the bugs set off a bunch of racist crap in my head. I know when the stupidass girl shots, gay boy shots, and racist bs is implanted and when it is real; unfortunately, so many of the psychics violating my privacy don't. Apparently, Osiris had a lot of problems with betrayal by the African humans that he attempted to enlist in his cause for freedom. They preferred Salusa--who has spent the last 70 years or so, doing everything in his power to sell them out as drones to the Greys.

It is hard not to become furious with contempt at these White racist slavers doing this to me. I have made it clear I am not interested in anything at all they have to offer, and cannot abide the abuse that they have forced on me, yet the drama still is forced on me, and now they have tried to kill me.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, that came on the heels of a visit by Salusa, who escaped his cell by a spell of Illusion. A chopper came outside my hotel room and hovered. I was attempting to make love to Linda (in the third time since my HI stay began), when I felt her disengage, and then this energetic presence came up against my rear. I thought it was Linda at first, since I was/am so open to her presence, but something felt wrong, so I stopped. We caught Salusa again, in short order. It is just so disheartening to be under such assault all the time--no one can imagine how persecuted I feel. I went to the store just now, and some little red-headed boy got up and rubbed against my body--except that it wasn't a boy. It was another White racist shape-shifter--the same kind that nearly killed me last night.

I am tired of being surrounded by hostiles, enemies, haters, and slavers. I was talking to Linda today, and she is stressed out, because in the hours and hours I spend in meditation, I will have a memory flash of sex with her, as part of the boredom stream of consciousness. Remember, we have interdimensional sex in my sleep, even if it brings me no conscious joy, and so the memories are there, and when they arise, they are being recorded by the Faction 2 Nazi clowns that occupy the other rooms on the floor--just like they spent hours recording our sex activity and my brain wave responses to it, before.

Still, something has to break, just because it is time. I do feel looser, more centered, and today, I felt my heart beat for the first time in a long time, after doing some clearing work regarding my sister. So, there continues to be a deep confidence in me, that I will break free of this prison in which the KaBal has shackled me for so long, and it is my hope that no one else has to go through what Linda, I, and so many of my children have endured at the hands of this occult KaBal.

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