Friday, July 20, 2012


Incommunicado---as part of my most recent attempt to get accepted into the Black psychic interdimesnioanl community, I spent the past couple of days in jail. I am out on my own recognizance but nearly broke. The KaBal--most notablly the Birds of Sirius, but also negative Cat Sirians stepped in to destroy the Patriot's attempt to free me, and now I am deeper in trouble than before. Besides being broke, I now have a court date. However, there is nothing I can do but keep pushing forward.

Once again, I was vindicated when I mentioned to Linda that maybe the problem with the viruses given me is that I have a reptilian brain and that therefore the viruses were creating redundandcy. Of course, as always I was proved right. However, no vindication for me, but only pure evil from the the negative Sirians of the KaBal. They now want to make my brain even MORE reptilian, which of course would alienate me from Linda, and all human relationships. Furthermore I would never be a reptile; however I would be the perfect incubator for all kinds of reptilian spawn in my hologram womb.

There's no need for me to vent my horror, anger and disgust at theis possibility. Nor do I have the money to post at this kiosk. I just want to say that becoming incommunicado is going to become the norm for me for a while, until grace or m y wits can figure out how to free me from these negative Sirians evil plans.

I want to make a couple of corrections about Atlantis and Osiris while I am here. First of all, I want to say that my rosy description of Atlantis written before was based on Internet hearsay. As I have learned more, both thru my own unconsciousness and relationship with Linda, it has become clear that Atlantis was actually a domineering, patriarchal and misogynistic society, which actually utilized and terribly abused females as sex slaves. It must have been the Lenurians who had the positive feminine history which deep researchrs have recognized.

Also, to clear my name, the reptilian drugs that were forced on me have led to greater and clearer higher consciousness (they also made me sick and miserable), and it has become apparent to both Linda and I, that it was not only Osiris' memories that Salusa tampered with after the Fall of Atlantis, but also Linda's. OSIRIS DID NOT CUT OFF LINDA'S BREASTS. Salusa did, after torturing and altering the memories of both. He then cast both of them down from their interdimensional status. Osiris and Linda were actually a great team fighting for humanity in this era. I can only hope that things turn out differently this incarnation, and I have faith that they will do so. It is just constant stress and danger for both of us, with the very highest at stake.

I may be going to jail very soon, and I don't mind, except that I will become completely cut off from what is going on, so that for instance, I don't know the KaBal is back in power, because I did not learn about the Aurora shooting (KaBal power move to start a race war--feeling really strong, because they have allied with the Reptiles of Orion and offered to give me to them, in exchange for support).

At this point, my only hope is in the Sirians who are not completely soul lost. I do believe that certain factions and cliques of the Sirians are completely soul lost and will not ever return to the Source. However, I think a significant number are capable of change, and yes, the word is redemption. It is those Sirians to whom I now appeal. Not only will the future of humanity be irrevocably damaged should I lose my destiny to evil, but also the positive future of the new Sirian homeworld will be irrevocably damaged.

I am willing to overlook my feelings regarding Sirian domination and slavery over humans and work with those factions who want a future, so I appeal to you, because I cannot pull myself out of this hole I am in without you.

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