Friday, July 6, 2012

Writing on darker matters before going to bed

Writing on darker matters before going to bed, so that I don't have this negative influence/karma history hanging over me, so that the KaBal can attack me in my sleep, as they did last nite, as they have done so many other nights. I literally could not wake up this morning, as I was under some kind of magic spell, very similar to the one I experienced when Linda was coerced into sex at Cartagena, for fear of both our lives. Magic is a huge part of the KaBal's power over us, and I sure felt it this morning. I also had dream interference--two lesbians were in my dream, but you know, I am getting better and more powerful, with everything I learn about myself. Even in my dream, I knew that I had NOT generated those lesbian figures, but rather that they were alien interlopers in my unconscious, placed there by an outside force--manipulating once again my neurons or brain switches. Of course, once I woke up and felt my ultra-soft baby body and barely had the energy to move, I knew why I was dreaming of lesbians--major estrogen overdose again; actually, I am being force fed the hormones that pregnant women have, but the point and objective is the same--to make me weak and barely functional.

Once, I got up, I had a hard time waking up, and kept dozing off or spacing out, until finally I went and got my hair cut, which I had been meaning to do, every since the damned Nordic Dog Sirians cut my hair once again in my sleep, in order to feminize me.

I know now why it is so important for both Faction 1 and Faction 2 to feminize me. All along they have known who I am--an ancient enemy who gave them major grief in the past, and who will either become their "AntiChrist" patsy for the New World Order, or a prominent victor at their defeat. I intend for it to be the latter--they are doing everything they can to make it the former.

When I say that they mean for me to be an anti-Christ, I mean it with complete and absolute sincerity. As a matter of fact, I watched a video that showed a Baphoment with a round, pregnant belly, and strange, unnatural boobs--not placed normally as on a female chest, but rather like mine, protruding outward over a mutilated torso. Oh yes, the KaBal motherfuckers actually think I am going to be a female Baphomet for them. Oh no, no matter what any of the KaBal factions do to me, I will not serve them in any way, shape, form or fashion. They can make me miserable, they can torture me, they can feed off my vibes like the boy babies sucking mama-teatthat they are, but I will not serve.

However, I learned today, why they THINK that I will serve their evil agenda--I have done it in the past.

Now, a word of caution about this video. I watched a video by this same guy a couple of years ago, and determined that he actually was a Satanist himself. I could be wrong, and I no longer have time to vet things, so just take the information that is helpful, but just remember the source may be highly suspect. Certainly, it helped me understand a lot more negative incarnations.

So, let me continue with the tragic saga of Osiris. Unfortunately, he did not fall from interdimensional status because he murdered his lover in a crime of passion and grief. No, he devolved, and became a much more evil character. In short, he went to the "Dark Side". As a matter of fact, I had picked up that Faction 2 programmers were putting it out on the web, casting me as a "Darth Vader", a man whose anger and rebellion led him to serve evil, after he became "more machine than man". Well, I certainly am more machine than man, now, with all kind of artificial and hologram parts to house my consciousness. I even have had RA's camera installed in the part of my brain, damaged during my Abe Lincoln incarnation, and appearing in my subsequent incarnations as autism.

I really feel for Osiris. I see him very much a man like myself--basically a great and virtuous soul, who just can't seem to win for losing. Like me, he is a hypermasculine man, who desperately needs the feminine to help soften and humanize him, and mirror him back to himself, so that he understands his own feelings. When he murdered Linda, he lost that connection with the feminine, and when that happened, he lost his "feeling function", and with that, he lost the ability to relate to others. So, when his proud, warrior nature was humiliated and challenged, because it was his duty station that let in the reptiles, he took it personally, and became angrier and more bitter.

Even though he was to stay on as a warrior for quite a while longer, this episode scarred him forever, making it difficult for him to relate to others, and so he became somewhat of a loner and outcast. As a matter of fact, he became a "Jedi knight", so to speak. In ancient Egypt, you will read of the city of Djed, and of ancient battles. Osiris fought hard to regain his honor, but without the feminine to counterbalance him, he was doomed. As a matter of fact, I believe that he did indeed become celibate, and forced celibacy on his subordinates, and while like most celibates, that never worked out very well (he met and fell in love with a subsequent incarnation of Linda as a prostitute, and murdered her for a second time!), it was the cusp of a new age on Earth--one in which the feminine was completely dominated and degraded.

I believe that he engaged in guerilla warfare, eventually dislocating Salusa from Egypt into Babylon, but he could never win, because he could never get the allies that he needed, because of his abrasive and undiplomatic personal style. So, the Jedi became a weaker and weaker force, until they were lost altogether.

I suspect that Osiris turned to the spiritual dark side while still an interdimensional warrior and Jedi, pretty much a pirate and free lancer, who had very few friends, but who fought his enemies, the reptiles who had destroyed Atlantis, with heart and soul. Of course, he was an interdimensional cosmopolitan, and so he knew a lot about the universe that we 3D humans are barely just beginning to glimpse.

First of all, let me talk about the reptile order that he would have known. The reptiles were already besieging this galaxy even before the Fall of Atlantis, and Osiris would have known who they were. First of all, there were the White Dragons from Nibiru, who are now extinct, because the Patriots took out their planet in the late 2010. The White Dragons are important for their genetic contribution to the Asian/Mongoloid/Jewish race--powerful psychics. Then there are the reptiles from Orion. These are the vampiric reptiles. They are extremely pale white and blue blooded, because they have been afflicted with the spider vampire virus. The were the ones who turned the Goat and vampire tribes of Sirius into a twisted, tortured version of humanity. They bombed their residence on Mars with the spiders, and drove the exilics insane with the spiders, while the northern Sirians did nothing to help, but who actually sold them out. The Orionites also were the ones who seeded the moon with the vampire spiders and our oceans with weaker versions of the spiders.

The reptiles which attacked Atlantis were the Draconians from Draco--tall, walking, greenish brown lizards (the Orionites are winged). However, there is a fourth reptilian race, which has been pretty much kept secret--the red Dragon reptiles from the planet Algol. Yes, this is the red Dragon which Faction 2, and I believe Scotland, or maybe Wales, has on their national flag. You see, even though, ultimately, the reptiles will ALWAYS ally with each other against the humans, there is a difference in how they control and manipulate the Earth. Thus the vampiric Orionites and Draconians are more identified with what we call Faction 1, while the followers of the Red Dragon and White Dragon (now extinct) are identified with Faction 2.

Now, the Draconians, who conquer through the Amon RA serpentine symbiotic predators, were Osiris' fiercest enemies. It was a matter of personal honor to him that he destroy the enemy which had destroyed his reputation, home, and love of his life. But he had no allies or friends, since basically the remaining defenders of Atlantis regarded him as an outcast. So, he made an alliance with a reptile faction himself--the Red Dragons from Algol, and he used the weapons that they offered--occult knowledge and power, that we know as satanism. This is also the legacy honored by dark (evil) Jewish KaBalists (not Qabbalists), Faction 2 Knights Templar and Nazis, and the NWO minions that assassinated Kennedy and have been running this country and this world, from behind the scenes through high level secret societies such as freemasonry and Bohemian Grove.

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