Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The health scare is over, thank God

The health scare is over, thank God, but it was real. I have never had heart pains like that, and even though there was only two sharp, searing stabs, it definitely was my heart. I think there was evil intent on the part of my mother, which directed the pain. Just as I went to blog the last entry, and prepare to shower, just in case I had to go to the hospital, I saw a chain email from her about the "dead Easter bunny". I think that when I saw her husband in the astral realm on Sunday night, that they were trying to get me to turn over the unborn fetus in MY womb, over to my brother, who, sad to say, is also affiliated with the Amon RA cult. NO WAY. I already am worried sick about my nieces and nephews, but I will not abrogate my responsibilities as a father, by allowing them to be reared in an occult environment of evil. However, PF is now in custody of the fetus, though I am not sure of the particulars, since she cannot talk to me, and I am no longer comfortable visiting Mermaid. I am absolutely certain that I made the right choice, and that really there was none other to make, since there is no way that I would feel comfortable carrying a child. Still, Faction 2 had another Plan "B" by which to enslave me, and on Sunday night they injected another genetic virus into me--this time, the virus similar to bird flu. I think that they had it planned all along. As soon as I was genetically flipped to demonstrate Merovingian/Asian characteristics, such as the yellow, sallow skin, I became much more susceptible to the bird flu, which is a huge problem with the alien, turbo-charged and human hybrid interdimensional populations. Like all viruses, it rewrites the genetic code, which is an attempt to control the formation of an interdimensional future. Once again, Faction 2 is putting its slaver "tag" on me, to make sure that I am not ever able to interdimensionally travel, except under their auspices. However, it is even more insidious an evil than you might think. For what is a disabling and enervating flu-like virus in me, as long as I am a 3D Terran human, will become a critical, imminently life-threatening disease should I ever attain interdimensional status, with the genetic code unfolding out in a multitude of strands. Many of the hybrids and turbo-charged humans, who have entered in interdimensional reality, under the mentorship of Faction 2, have this "bird flu" condition, and that is how Faction 2 keeps them under strict control. For there is a rare, specialized medicine used to keep the disease under control. Faction 2 probably got the proprietary patent from the Greys, and it is manufactured and dispensed under the strictest of controls. I am tempted to say more about it, but I fear that too much knowledge floating about it, could possibly put a whole lot of people, including PF and some of my children at risk. That medicine is their lifeline, and if anything were to break the supply, it could be disastrous. It is not that hard to find the information--it's on the web--Sorcha Faal knows all about it, for those with time to look through the archives. Anyway, I now, I have yet ANOTHER genetic virus, placed in me by the occult, in an attempt to control me. This one, will leave me sick and weak in the 3D world, and an immediate slave to the whims of the Faction 2 Kabal leadership, should I enter the interdimensional realm. Thus, any attempt at interdimensional travel is now on hold. I could try to go anywhere I want, but very soon I would have to approach the Faction 2 leadership for the necessary medicine, and I guarantee you, I would not like the terms. However, while I am angry that once again, my sovereignty as a person has been violated, I suspect that there is Atlantean karma involved. Years ago, I read an interesting online account by someone who claimed to know of her past life in Atlantis. At the time, I thought that was one of the most convincing Atlantean reincarnation accounts I had ever read. I know now that writer was PF, and since we seem to have such an overwhelmingly intertwined reincarnation history as lovers and spouses, I think I was one of the leaders of that place, who made the regrettable decision to use weapons of mass destruction, including biological warfare. I don't know if the biological warfare is responsible for the compromise of free will of so many of the Sirians, but the nano-viruses CAN rewrite genetic code, and so may be responsible for the brain "flipping" that I have seen so many times. I do know that the biological weapons caused massive death and species genocide. For I think there was once an intelligent avian species that lived on earth, and taking my cue from a Star Trek: Enterprise show, it MAY have looked like the mini-dragon, Marduk. Anyway, there can be no question that I have some really negative karma with this Faction 2, for I cannot escape them, even though I have made it clear that I want nothing to do with them. They rape me, drug me, fry my brain, constantly try to plug me into the MACHINE, impregnate me against my wishes, and after having to remove the fetus, due to gross violation of free will, they have infected me with yet another genetically targeted virus. If I am right (and I think that I am), and I was involved in the decision to unleash a weapon that caused the genocide of a species, then the least I can do is try to atone for it. I was able to resist and weaken the reptile shapeshifting virus--and given my heavy reptilian genes--that took some doing. Somehow, I have to find a way to crack this bird flu virus, for not only my future, but also the futures of so many others, including that of PF and my children depend on it. I think I can do it, with a little bit of help. However, it is not going to be easy. After making my desperate plea in my last post, I finally got the testosterone I needed. However, my brain is "rushing" again, and I realize that Faction 2 has placed a psychotronic implant in my brain, actually, right in the middle of the forehead, I think, which literally pulses an electrical charge dispersal throughout my entire brain. Not only do I think that it tracks my brain into the MACHINE-RA groove, but it also is doing some heavy duty mind control. Though I know where this post ends, I had to quit for about 20 minutes, a little earlier--I just felt so overwhelmingly tired that I could not continue. Now, for those who think that I deserve to suffer unto death for participation in species genocide over 8,000 years ago (and right now, I think that might include PF, who has heavy bird genetics, and who is most unhappy with me right now), let me say that, however deplorable, I don't think species genocide was the intent. As happens so often in politics and war, matters escalated, and a desperate need for victory and/or revenge caused the fatal decision. I honestly don't remember; however I have known for a while that I must have done something very bad to suffer as much as I have. I understand that I have to clear this bad karma, but before piling on me, know that my success is the best hope for the future of humanity. I say this after realizing today, who is calling shots in Faction 2--Maurice Strong. Now, Faction 2 itself is split into factions, though I basically divide them into the fiscally conservative and fiscally liberal wings. I had previously identified Maurice Strong as being the leader of the liberal wing. I now believe that he is in charge of both sides, playing them one off against the other, masterfully. Thus, he both had the great religious charade of my "pregnancy" and "be it done to me according to thy word" imprinted on me, and when that failed, he was ready to go with Plan B--giving me the bird flu. Should I somehow enter interdimensional space, I am certain that very soon I would find myself in front of Maurice Strong or one of his top lieutenants. For he has been stalking me for 15 years now. He had a summer home in the Colorado mountains, where I had attempted to enter a Catholic monastery. As a matter of fact, Strong was a major benefactor of the monastery. I know that causes one to wonder, but the monastery itself was staunchly traditional and rigid in its Catholicism. The first time I saw Strong--while we were both supping at the only restaurant in town--I was incredulous. I knew immediately what he was--an anti-Christ, and I thought to myself, "do the monks know what he is?" Well, his evil definitely left an imprint on that monastery, and I ended up moving far away--but not far enough from Maurice Strong, for you see, he had recognized me for who I am, as well. For a long time, I kicked myself for ever making a repeat trip back to that monastery, where I was quite psychologically and spiritually abused. I know now, though, that I was there, because I WAS supposed to meet Maurice Strong. We both are contending for the future of humanity--him, from an evil, occult perspective, and myself from a belief in the freedom, rights, and dignity of humanity. After the encounter in the restaurant, I thought I was safe from Maurice Strong. He was some UN bigwig, and I was a dirty, exhausted, roody-poo hiker, looking for a place to call home. However, as I always say, evil people often demonstrate greater spiritual awareness and insight than good people. Strong knew in an instant who I was, while psychics, including Black psychics, spent months inside my head, playing PC mind games with me, while taking unreciprocated advantage of my hard charging, balls out warrior courage, and never had a clue. First of all, Strong had to have known my history. He probably had been alerted, way back when I was in my early 20's, that a heavy duty, but totally ignorant reptilian hybrid hermaphrodite was in his neighborhood. After all, he was an Amon-RA devotee from Canada, while my parents were involved with the Amon-RA cult in Detroit. How many reptilian hybrid hermaphrodites who have touched the crystal skull are there? He may have been involved with abductions of me. I know that I was channeling the MACHINE at that time. However, I was neurotically hyper and anti-social, so I slid under the radar, left Colorado for California, and FINALLY, making peace with my sexuality, settled down into a reasonably happy, alternative lifestyle...until the abductions started up again, including a brutal rape in a UFO/Amon RA encounter. Strong had to have known the second time I was there, and if not, he certainly recognized me in the restaurant. All was well and good, once I left Colorado. I was working for a company, in which I was a top tier producer, and up for promotion, which was a good thing, because I was in love with the woman who had been my supervisor. I had left the team, because of the tension, but had been told that everybody thought I was perfect for a managerial position that had recently opened when everything changed. In very short order, I was pressured to quit, and told to have nothing to do with D. When I sent her flowers, I was arrested for stalking. I ended up in jail for six months on that bogus charge. Now, for me, this is ancient history, and I don't want to go over details or mention too many names. Let me just say that the company I worked for was a cutting edge and tolerant one. I could make an airtight case about how the negative went down, but some decent people were inadvertently involved, and there is only one person in the mix (well, actually two--but one is inconsequential), who I blame--Maurice Strong. He used his networking friendships to get me fired and then arrested. Why, you may ask? Because, he wanted me controlled, back at the monastery. He controlled the monks, and through them, he knew that he could control me. Evil LOVES religion. It can use it all day long, and Strong knew who I was. Another funny thing about my arrest--I made one last trip to the monastery to talk to the priest there, about the harassment I was experiencing, even though I no longer wanted anything to do with them---things like video cams in my apt--all of this was started by the monastery. The priest was in a jolly mood, like he was in on a big secret, and made some comment, that I understood later to mean that he knew exactly that I was going to be jailed (I was already arraigned). Now, there is nobody that priest could have known who had the connections to file a bogus police report and a bogus judge (who within a year was made a federal judge, after one year on the municipal court bench), except Maurice Strong. So, I go to jail on the bogus charge for six months, and it is hard time, all the way. It is a "for profit" jail, with the absolute worst standards of professional conduct and management, imaginable. There is a lot of sexual abuse and activity with the young prostitutes, and it is all overlooked, because the predominant power faction of CO's at the jail are, what I then called, "swingers"--both men and women. Now, I would immediately identify them as devotees of Amon RA. Yes, Mr. Strong, who was probably the head hierarch of the Amon-RA cult in the world, had had me sent to a jail, where Amon-RA CO's abused with impunity. But I was not a trouble maker or a radical looking to set things right, and followed all the rules, so I thought that I was safe from all the perversions. I know now, that the only really interesting conversationalist in the place, was a bona fide vampire, and she was playing a lot of head games with me, especially in my sleep, but nothing beats what the Amon-RA cult did to me. I was on the highway litter crew, which was good, since I got outside in the sun and enjoyed physical activity, but my back was always in knots, so on the return trip to the cell, I would stop and get a Motrin that was prescribed for me. This one day, though, the Motrin sent me straight through the roof. Of course, I would recognize it now, as being the "viral download" of the Amon-RA cult. My blood pressure goes sky high, my head constricts, and I become full of loud and agitated rage, but at the time I had never experienced such a thing. It was rare, that I even got angry, much less raged. I didn't know what was happening. I just knew that I was going out of my mind, in the noisy dorm setting, with the pain and pressure in my head. So, when the med cart came by for evening meds, I went to get Tylenol or Motrin, which again was on file for me, but I was denied it. At this point, I had lost it. The CO in charge was one of the "swingers", a corrupt, drug-muling, lazy staff, for whom I had no respect. I wasn't in reality, but in a drugged rage, and things escalated. I nearly fought the CO, and would have (and then Maurice Strong would really have had me in prison for years), except that another staff, intervened. For a moment, I was calculating how to take on the both of them, but I liked the other staff and couldn't bring myself to fight her, so I just turned around and let her cuff me. I say this just to show you how messed up this initial, Amon-RA viral download made me. My first night in detention was okay. I know, because I woke up the next morning feeling so much better than I had since my incarceration. I was all alone in a cell,and it was quiet and peaceful, and the worst part about jail, was that I never, ever could escape the constant, banal noise that surrounded me. It was the second night that the terror began. Again, I was given some kind of medication--Motrin or Tylenol or something. It had a knock out drug in it, and I was raped by a clique of the Amon-RA staff (yes, this is the kind of behavior that happens in this county jail). However, it wasn't just a rape--it was a highly ritualized rape. Now, pay attention, because the following is the most important part...I was raped by a Black male lieutenant, who was one of the most egregious of sexual abusers and players, and a Black female CO, who was "dirty", that is, compromised by bringing in drugs. Now, while the man raped me (anally, I do believe), he kept telling me, "I am your father". The female CO was a Carribean Black, with the slight, Hispanic build and quick movements. She had red dreads. I believe that I was placed on top of her to "ride" her, while she told me, "I am your mother." Now, a couple of things you should know, is that I believe that I was abused in the exact same way with my mother and father during the satanic, Amon-RA rituals of my childhood. As a matter of fact, it may be standard ritual procedure--God knows, the number one identifying mark of the Amon Ra cult members is their lustful perversions. I also know that withing a couple of days of remembering this, that the Faction 2 rag sheet was sporting pictures of Darth Vader, saying, "Know, I am your father", and I encountered a slightly built Black woman with bright red hair, working as a receptionist at the hospital where I was to get my MRI--except that she wasn't a receptionist. It wasn't her job at all. In other words, Faction 2 was reinforcing the programming. But, what programming? Yes, this was a repeat of the exact same perverted ritual that happened as a child, but why was it done with a Black man and a Black woman? I don't think the woman wanted to do it--I think she was forced into it, because of the dirt on her. I was fired from the work crew after that, but I could sense her own guilt and unease. I tell you, why the rape was done with a Black man and a Black woman...because by 2004 (years before I knew it), it was clear to Maurice Strong, that I was a reincarnation of Black Osiris, and he wanted to mess with my head, because Strong knows how powerful a resurrected Osiris is. We both knew that in the restaurant. We are contenders for the future, and yes, it is very likely, I was involved in a species genocide, but ask yourself, "do you want a future as envisioned and shaped by Maurice Strong, or by myself? For you see, Strong is the one who wants me as celibate, as female, as plugged into the MACHINE. That is what he has fought for, now, for years. Strong knows the only way that he loses, is if I become a strong, powerful Black man--and that is why, he tried to weaken me with his mind and rape games in jail. Well, people, I need to start getting some help...and from some men, if I am going to make it. For years, I have wondered who the great anti-Christ was, and I am confident that I have identified him. I also am the one person he fears the most, and he has been one step, if not a football field, ahead of me, every step of the way. He is going to be furious when this posts, but I have already experienced his fury for years, now, and it is about time, that some secrets were spilled, and some truths told. Occult evil knew who I was and my future promise, over seven years before I did. It is time to regain some of that back...

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