Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So, what happened in Cartagena?

First, let me begin by saying that while typing the previous entry, PF communicated with me telepathically, quite strongly. Apparently, she was not employed so much as a "psychic" in her days with the CIA, but rather a straightforward sex slave. This would make sense, because really I think her (our) older, twin sisters, were the ones really trained to be powerful psychics. However, telepathy is a spiritual gift, and the more spiritual one becomes, the more psi abilities are heightened. Take it from me--PF has been pretty psychic for a very long time. Still, I must say that she is the definitive authority on her life and gifts, and not me. I just do the best I can to "wing it" by researching all avenues, using my intuition, and talking with her...

So, again, what happened in Cartagena? Well, plainly put, she was abducted and coerced into giving oral sex to Mr. Obama, through the sinister intervention of some members of the Black psychic community. Then afterwards, she was handed over to a White contingent of Secret Service scum who gang raped and brutalized her, in accord with the directly state request of Obama and the Black faction that abducted her. That is the simple version. The backstory behind this is much more complex, and involves me, and a bit of my unconscious history of which I remained unaware, until last night. When I first learned of this story, I knew that the Black psychic community was involved and I asked her about this, point blank, 3 or 4 times. She remained insistent that it had been elements of the "San Francisco" (White) faction which had raped her. This WAS true, but it was only the second half of the story, for it was members of the Black clique which set her up for ambush and forced sex with Obama, and then turned her over to the San Francisco clique.

So why did she lie? I think she lied, because, unlike me, PF is very feminine. Thus she is naturally and quite heavily maternal in her outlook and behavior, and like so many other well-meaning, ideological liberal types, she believes that the reason Black males are crippled in their manhood, is that the they need more nurturing, understanding and protection. Bullshit. I worked with Black males, as charges and peers, for five years, and I am convinced that the reason for the lack of Black manhood is an EXCESS of nurturing, excusing, warm, fuzzy understanding and feminine protection. What they lack is the confrontation, discipline, and accountability, as demanded by the strong masculine--of which there is a deplorable dearth in the Black community at large. Thus, they remain self-centered, self-pitying "Mama boys", and PF was only playing the role a female naturally plays for the weak male or boy, and automatically moved to protect them, from what she knew would be my demand for confrontation, truth, and accountability. However, this benign, feminine intention to protect the community in which she has invested so much time, energy and love, actuall backfired. It's a funny thing about boys in an an adult male body; they feel keenly their lack of manhood, resent it mightily, and look for someone to blame, longing for a sense of power over another to compensate for their own lack of authority over themselves. So ended my most recent AND FINAL,
bid for acceptance into the Black psychic community, because instead of drawing ranks as men, and demanding justice and accountability for the violent injustice suffered by the woman who had given them so much, they fell to quarreling amongst themselves, and finally presented the classic "boy" move--blamed the victim of rape, for being raped.

I can hear it already--howls of charges of "RACISM", as the Mama hens of the world, all look to protect the poor, victimized, misunderstood Black male. Well, let me just remind you of my favorite term for the the Faction 2 operatives who have my life hell, damaged my brain, destroyed my body, and even caused my kidneys to fail, due to their mutilation of my prostate. Come on, now--what do I call them? "Boy posse" and "boy pervs". No one thinks twice about an immature White male being held to account for their lack of manhood, and thus, so many more of them finally mature into MANHOOD. And guess what--females all over the world tend to become good women, but the greatest indicator of quality of life is the proportion of males who are successfully able to mature into full stature of MANHOOD.

Now, I know that I have written before that while Faction 2 has been guilty of "sins of commission" against me--rape, bodily mutilation, brain implants, the Black psychic community has been guilty of "sins of omission", which is a much less serious charge. However, the truth is that despite all I have done for them in battle, putting my life on the line, THEY HAVE NEVER DONE ONE SINGLE THING TO HELP ME OUT. I think one Black leader may have tried, but he was shot down and killed in his spacecraft. Very high-risk business being a man...very easy to lose your life, or maybe your arm, your kidneys, your entire set of inner organs, your penis, your ribs, over half your musculature...But a man doesn't think about himself. He thinks about OTHERS, and leads the way in ensuring justice and protection for the physically weaker ones who depend on him. He thinks about how he is going to get the job done, no matter what adversity throws at him--whether it be physical pain, financial hardship, or a total lack of support by one's peers and/or social environment.

What a man does not say is, "oh, so and so hasn't done this or that for me, so I won't do anything for them". So now, the Black community has pirated copies of my brain frequencies for which the original offer was $6 million, I do believe. This is quite a boon to their well-being, for reasons I will explain some time, but a boy is a user, a taker who thinks that life's blessings are for free, just like Mommy's love. I think their lack of gratitude of any kind or type will boomerang on them--I am not cursing them, understand--just straightforward karmic prediction.

Nor will you hear me say, "I'm not going to help out the Black psychic community. I think they are a little bit racist. They continually make me jump through Black Jim Crow hoops in order to prove my worthiness". Nope, instead, at every turn, I have made haste to help, wherever I could, or wherever I was needed. I never wondered if someone's skin color made them a suspect ally. Sometimes, I ask myself, "Why do I keep putting out, when I get so little in return, and the ultimate answer is, beacause that is what a MAN (or WOMAN) does. Boys sulk and pout, "what is in it for me?", "do you love me?", and too often, boys in adult bodies will querulously petition, "but do you love my dick?" Needless to say, that the latter attitude is a sure sign that a male is stuck in the Oedipal phase--still obsessing over Mommy love. Again, while I have intuitively picked up this deep rooted psychological immaturity, displayed in a very passive aggressive (and unmasculine) neediness, among many of the young Black psychics that I have briefly encountered, this is not a race thing. This is why all the (White) boy pervs of Faction 2, spend all their time(no passive aggressiveness from the White boys--just pure hostile aggression), trying to hijack and manipulate my brain frequencies of love making with PF--so I will suck their dick--"love my dick, Mommy"... Well guess what? I don't love anybody's dick, except my own missing one (though it still is there in my etheric body). However, I still have a man's heart, a man's head, a man's value system and warrior spirit, and you won't get any 'Mommy love' from me.

Confrontation always begins with the truth, so let's start there (the above is just a rambling preamble). How did PF get lured into this horrible betrayal and rape? BECAUSE OF ME. She was trying to get me accepted into the community with which she has been affiliated for years, and which I had specifically requested. Insofar as I see my future as a Black man (and I still regard that with high probability--just not with the Black psychic community), it is a positive anticipation. I don't want to be Black because I hate my race or feel that it will fulfill a deep need. No, it is more that I want to do something positively for a race that has suffered denigration and neglect for centuries. Clearly I have African Black genes in my DNA, and a strong history as a Black man (still haven't figured out Osiris, but if nothing else, as Nimrod, I certainly was a discredit to the Black race, and like Jesus, who made good on the legacy of this bad karma, I would like to do so, as well...oh but what if some among the Black psychic community don't want to admit that Nimrod was Black? What if they can't handle the truth, or accept that someone of their race could be powerfully evil? Just asking...because I still cannot understand how the Black psychic community could give even minimal support to a thoroughly evil pathological like Barack Obama).

I never worry about "fate". I worry about today. I worry about my children and my (common law?) wife, and she was abused and raped trying to help me seek sanctuary from the community to which she has dedicated her life, including 15 years of incarceration, marriage and LTR's with Black men, as well as a very determined attempt to make sure that her spiritual lovemaking created a Black child. As much as she has done for me, and was attempting to do for me, how do you think I felt, knowing that I lay in a delirium while she was ambushed and traumatized by people and colleagues she trusted. Then afterwards, she was spurned, blamed, and rejected by Black psychics who should have been the first to deplore, condemn and disciple the malfeasance and evil that had just occurred under their watch. Again, what ingrates (again--boy behavior--just assumes that everything revolves around him). Have any of you any idea of how much PF and I have done for you? Speaking for myself, how many of you have family in the Mississippi delta heartland? the upper heartland? the bread basket? the southern CA coast? the East Coast? PA and New England? the Gulf of Mexico? and most recently NYC and D.C? Good thing I am a man--otherwise, I just might sit back and see what the boy psychics can do on their own, since obviously they cannot even defend the woman, who has defended them her entire life, and
even after being raped, was attempting to defend them by her protective lies.

I am a realist, and I base my expectations on history, so I am not too disappointed by the recent actions of the Black psychics--it is in line with their history as I have witnessed it. However, I did expect PF to be treated with greater respect, but maybe her skin color gets in the way? Maybe, no matter what, she will never be one of you (and how fricking racist is that--you would hate it if a White person said that about a Black). Or maybe it is just that you feel compelled to close ranks to protect a Black brother (when he is fronted off by a woman. oh, there's that Mommy racket again--instead of confronting criminal injustice and abuse as a man would, move to "protect" from the big, bad, racist world). Racism? Sexism? Both? I have to say that I have seen plenty of that in the Black community in my day, including the time when I worked in the civilian sector. Remember the tee shirt, so often seen at the Obama 2008 primary rallies. It said, "Bros, no hos", , but no you probably never heard of it, unless you were there, because the "Mama hens" of the media was out to protect, rather than confront the misogynistic Black "boys" with exposure of the truth.

In any case, I've closed off to the Black psychic community, so let me be clear--there is no more need for "casing" me, surveilling me, or remote viewing me, and do not expect me to be happy or even neutral, should my privacy be invaded. Anybody who wants to talk to me, needs to make the most sincere apologies for what happened to PF. This determination to close the door is not made from anger, but rather from a desire to spend my time and energy where people are appreciative of it, and are willing to work to co-create a free future. I don't know how my future will unfold, but however it will, all are welcome, including men from the Black Psychic community, who get fed up with the juvenile arrogance that characterizes the clique as I have experienced it.

This experience hasn't been a total loss for me, however. I learned of yet another traumatic interdimensional experience that happened in the CA desert, and while I am not ready to divulge it, it was another impossible, lose-lose situation of extreme evil. I made a choice, which has burdened me with neurotic guilt, but I believe the only other choice would have led to my death, so I am not sorry for my decision. Hopefully, the remembrance of this will lead to healing. I keep longing for the healing that will finally set me free, but it all seems that there is endless traumas in my life, and previous lives, and even as I conclude this post, I have another intense one hanging over my head...

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