Friday, April 20, 2012

Some alien factions still fishing for a "rerun Jesus"

Some alien factions still fishing for a "rerun Jesus"--I know, because my dreams are telling me that the same old, tired Vatican/Italian blasphemers and psychic vampires are looking for another spiritual puppet prop with which to control the masses. Fuck them. As I write this, some psychic, who definitely is not PF, is trying to gain intimate access to my body. STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY BODY AND MY HEAD!! There is not a trace of love coming at me from this psychic invasion--just the same old deceptive, lying shit, that boils my blood. Apparently psychic vampires don't like fully alive, free humans whose blood boils when they are abused, violated, and treated like shit. Apparently, they find us "angry". GODDAMNED RIGHT WE ARE ANGRY YOU SONS OF BITCHES. I am tired of being treated like a slave, like a thing, and I AIN'T PLAYING THAT SHIT ANY MORE! Now, why exactly this is going on, I do not know, and I do not care. Does this have anything to do with the penny that I picked up yesterday, while talking with Mermaid? Was it just another occult trick to get me "obligated" to respond to their fucking mind and control games? I don't know and I don't care--I WANT THIS SHIT TO STOP NOW! Your constant, unwelcome invasion is causing pain in my sacrum, just as much as being in a hospital does. Jesus Christ, what do I have to do to get free of these psychic vampires? I don't know but the damned drugs have got me so tired, I can barely see to type. No doubt I am going to have same old implanted "dreams" again, as soon as I shut my eyes, or maybe they want their pet slave to go fight one of their big, bad enemies for them. Fuck that. I am tired of cooperating with these piece of shit slavers.

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