Sunday, April 8, 2012

Looking rationally at the evidence, I recant

Looking rationally at the evidence, I recant my previous claim that Salusa is evil. I was very, very angry last night, at the thought that an evil spirit could cause a child of mine to miscarry, while in its mother's womb. However, the more I think about it, the more I believe that Salusa was "framed". Now Salusa has proved to be a tireless worker on behalf of humanity and true peace; thus, he like Mermaid, is constantly victimized by the evil Faction 2 KaBalists who have the advanced Grey technology to flip nanoswitches in their brain. However, it was not a flipped Salusa who entered my home yesterday, and attacked PF, our child, and Mermaid, even though he had spent the afternoon out in the yard. If I had rationally thought through the clues, instead of venting anger at the brazen evil of the attack, I would have recognized this.

First of all, though, I am going to tell you the person most responsible for the attack. He is not the evil spirit directly responsible for the attack, just a truly evil human being, who aided and abetted. I have identified him before as "Little Boy Lost". Well now, Little Boy Lost has truly pissed me off, and so I am going to out him by his Web name--"Hobie", and those who surf the alternative news sites should recognize his handle. As I stated a couple of weeks ago, I believe this man suffers from a deep, hidden psychosis, which makes him a potentially dangerous person. He is infantile in his emotions and perspective of reality, and since he thinks he loves me, I have been extremely wary of him. Bear in mind that I worked in a prison for five years--I do not suffer from paranoid "jitters"--if my intuition tells me there is a threat, I ACT on it immediately, and my intuition was sounding alarm bells a couple or three weeks ago. So I literally made a homemade weapon, putting bookends in a pillowcase, because I feared he would go off his rocker and attempt to assault me. Infantile love carries infantile rage as its shadow, and this boy has both.

What he does not have, is a "full deck of cards" upstairs, and I have known that, too, so that I have tried to be patient with his immature infatuation which he used to express via music posts. I finally quit opening anything he posts, so I no longer know what he is posting. However, he had me fooled for a while, because, shapeshifting, turbo-charged human hybrid that he is, he actually shapeshifted into body of my neighbor for the past couple of years--probably, upon my return by airplane flight from CA. You see, I know that I am in an alternative MATRIX, not the same old neighborhood where I have lived for five years, and I know that this switcheroo happened when I boarded an airplane. CA was an alternative MATRIX, and now my home town is in one as well. Anyway, I knew something was a little off. My neighbor, K, is usually an energetic and vivacious woman, and all of a sudden, she changed to a sullen, passive, depressed personality. However, I don't talk with her--just watch her enter and exit the parking lot, so I didn't pay any mind. Then, one day, she came and sat on my front steps, in front of my open door, which I thought was very strange, considering she has a much nicer porch than me. She said she was locked out of her house, and was waiting on the landlady. I ignored her, but suspicions started developing. So most recently, I asked her about the Janet Leigh Curtis/Psycho photo that was in her shower, a year ago, when I escorted a pesticide sprayer through her house. Now, sad to say, this guy was a full blown, mind controlled Nazi, and when he saw the photo, which in me, inspired an ironic chuckle, he laughed nastily and neurotically, as if he really thought the terror was real and he enjoyed it. So I transmitted the scene to Hobie telepathically, and it came back fully confirmed: this boy did not have a normal psyche at all. As a matter of fact, he was clueless as to what an appropriate response should be, though he was trying desperately to probe for and exhibit one. Once I had him identified, I started completely ignoring him, which angered him even further. However, I know that when someone is full of an infantile crush and rage, you do encourage them in any way, shape or form, however mild or well-intended.

Fast forward to night before last--it was a very strange night for Hobie. He actually had company--which was a first. There were three very loud young women, giggly and in high spirits who biked into the driveway and home. A little later, I saw a strangely aloof and maturely self-centered, tall blonde man with longish hair, bike into the complex. Now, I know all of this, because I was taking my evening constitutional up and down the alley. I certainly wasn't interested in any company that Hobie might have; I figured it was just more psy ops props for my "benefit", but the figure of the blonde man was jarring and disturbing somehow. I had left my door unlocked, and I didn't trust what was happening next door to me, so I cut my stroll short, and sneaked down the side of the house, so I could pop out unawares from the corner, instead of walking in my normal routine through the parking lot.

I don't know how one catches a psychic by surprise, but I have been known to do it a time or two :)... so I moved to see if something unusual was going on. All I saw was a tall, slender woman talking on a cell phone, while she exited on her bike. So, the last that I know there were still two women and a man in that house along with Hobie. After that, I lost track of what was going on. However, I can tell you that since that night there has been an extra two bikes locked at the residence. This is important, because both bikes are boy bikes, small-sized male bikes, and there was only one male bicyclist that I saw--and he was on a tall bike to fit his frame, while these are small bikes. Was the tall woman on blonde man's bike? Or did he leave at a later time? Or maybe, Hobie himself, shapeshifted into a female body rode away a tall bike last night, when I saw him bicycle out, riding into the dark--getting rid of any evidence, perhaps?

I don't know. I just know that when the shit hit the fan yesterday, who pulls into the driveway, but Hobie. Now, Hobie is pretty predictable--he leaves early in the morning and is pretty much gone all day. He comes home in the evening for supper, and then he often takes off again. He does not come home during the day, or for lunch. Now, when I saw him pull in, I knew that it had something to do with the commotion next door, but even yesterday, I asked myself, "why"? Hobie is no friend of PF or Mermaid--quite the opposite, he hates them with a passion, for PF stands between him and his "dream" lover. As a matter of fact, there are threats made via email comments to this blog, and the most recent one from last week was posted by a "Sentry" who made direct and explicit threats against PF and Mermaid (I just happened to notice them, while trying to figure out this new software. I never pay any attention to comments, so don't bother sending me any--whether good or bad--they will just go unread, except for maybe once a year).

Now, here is what I think. I think that the tall blonde man was a powerful alien, or hybrid. I think that at least two of the young women were actually shapeshifters, who really were male colleagues (I doubt he has any friends) of Hobie. I don't think that this trio ever left that night. As a matter of fact, the young men may still be there. However, I think the reason that Hobie dropped by so unexpectedly during the assault, was to get the tall blonde man, and the really powerful (alien) perp of the event, out of the complex, before interdimensional cops starting probing for localized anomalies.

I do know that Hobie does not live in that house alone, though he is the only one I see. I have been aware of another presence, nearly always, even when I watch Hobie drive away. Furthermore, in another infantile, puppy-love psy ops, Hobie called to have me let in the gas company maintenance man, who WAS, you guess it, a shapeshifted Hobie. Talk about giving me the creeps--it made my skin crawl to be in the same house with him, while he stared at Dr. Mengele's phony breasts. YUCK! However, I couldn't help but notice that there was a bed laid out in the living room floor with sheets and bedding. Someone, at least one person, is sleeping on the floor, while another gets the bedroom.

Now the important point to remember is that this episode was not an isolated incident. It has happened to me before, on at least one, and likely two occasions, not to mention all the buzzing last night. Hobie & company are not misguided juvenile delinquents. They are deeply dangerous, mind-controlled hybrids, who are under the direction of a very powerful and evil alien entity and/or faction, and they need to be removed from this complex, before I or they get really hurt. The brazen level of malice involved in their most recent endeavor, along with the power that was present, is truly frightening. No wonder why one night last month, I dead bolted every door in the house, and slept with my phone and homemade weapon by my head.

Anyway, the worst damage was not done to me. The worst damage was done to PF, our unborn child, Mermaid, and Salusa. I think the residence of that little house are responsible for so much of Mermaid's turmoil. Those young men have access to high level alien technology which allows them to disrupt and flip advanced aliens. And poor Salusa--all I can do is apologize. I know that it is his own desire and incessant efforts to help humanity that leads to him constantly being victimized and framed by higher level interdimensional beings. He has been working tirelessly to keep peace in the Middle East, and that is probably what has earned him this most recent bout of enmity, since there is a radical clique of Faction 2, that desperately longs for nuclear war in that geographical hotspot.

I know that I was angry, and jumped prematurely, but I have to say that I am in a difficult spot, too. I never get briefed on what is really going on. I just kind of try to figure things out as best as I can. I can never meet any of these interdimensionals face to face--I have to intuit character and motivation from a trail of clues. Finally, it does not help that Salusa has been flipped on a couple of very crucial occasions. It is not like he is ordering at the drive through window..."Cheese, no cheese, uh how about a chicken sandwich, instead...". I have worked so hard to keep my country and planet safe, and I will continue to do so, as long as I draw breath. This means I am on alert for all possibilities, and experience has taught me that the MACHINE CAN flip brains, even powerful brains, and the more powerful, the more dangerous the potential. So, while I will continue to remain on alert, let me close by saying in this instance, Salusa was framed, because he truly is a great friend of humanity...

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