Monday, April 9, 2012

I do believe

I do believe that a powerful energy weapon is directed at this house, which is a huge reason why I have felt so strangely all day. I feel high, and plugged into the MACHINE. I am not able to watch TV, because moving images are not being processed correctly.

So what kind of energy weapon? Well, moving up after realizing I was in some kind of la la land, I noticed the open window in the apt. across the street. The last time that happened, there was a large lens hanging out the window, next to an oversized, huge TV screen kind of thing. I cannot see the lens this time (stealth), but I can see the huge, oversized monitor in the exact position. There is no pyramid in my side yard this it possible that the apt. across the window is making some kind of laser link with Hobie's place, which is beaming out the effects of the energy weapon into a spillover into my place.

I saw Hobie today. He made sure to stop directly in front of my window while getting his mail. It may not even be Hobie in the "body" of K. This person was decidedly male, while Hobie's largely passive co-existed better in a female body, or it could be that someone is trying to amp Hobie up. In any case, there is no doubt of what I saw--hateful assertion and triumphalism. Could Hobie have changed from such a needy, passive-dependent character, into such an assertive hater so fast? I have my doubts. Anyway, there is no doubt that if my suspicion is correct and an energy weapon is involved, then the apt across the street and Hobie's apt. are the complicit partners.
I would also like to know what Charles found so amusing this morning--does he know about the energy weapon, or does he just get his jollies off, at seeing my brain waves turned to jelly? Really, I am surrounded on all sides by enemies of the individuated human. It never fails to amaze me that the entities and beings who want me to be a female, are always the one who not only deny my free will, but also who use every underhanded, dirty, and even evil, trick in the book. Again, what does that tell you?

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