Monday, April 30, 2012

I am being severely tortured--electrocuted

I am being severely tortured--electrocuted, among other atrocities--by cat-identifying Sirians. As per my previous post, I have important information that I am going to reveal, but since it is not urgent, I sat on it all day, yesterday, because the "vibes" I was experiencing were very weird, and I wanted to understand them vibes better before posting any new information of substance. Well, everybody, I have figured out the source of my unease, and I am glad that I did, because this post is going to be about the incredibly sophisticated, satanic deception and torture that I just experienced yesterday and last night--AND IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE READER UNDERSTANDS THAT THE SAME FACTION/PEOPLE BEHIND THE DECEPTION AND TORTURE, WHICH I JUST WEATHERED, ARE ENGAGED IN A MONUMENTAL DECEPTION OF THE ENTIRE EARTH.

First of all, let me answer the question that I raised yesterday, "Who was the faction ultimately responsible for the deployment of the 'bird flu' weapon"? I didn't know the answer yesterday, but after my most recent suffering, I recognize the answer, and it is accompanied by a big "duh". Of course, what species are the natural predators of avians--why, felines. I have to admit that I know woefully little about ancient Egypt, but for all the Egyptologists and deep history buffs out there, go back and re-read that history--such as the monument of the Sphinx--with an understanding that the cat Sirians were the ones responsible for the deployment of the weapon that led to the downfall of the original Atlantis (what we see in ancient Egypt, are just the remnants of the civilization). Now, were the cat Sirians under a special, huge threat from the reptiles? I don't know. I have often thought about how similar (real and physical) cats seem in appearance to Greys (look at pictures of hairless cats or the "ugly cat" contests). I know from my experience of cat Sirians and remember, I had one visit me, while I watched the network series, "The Event" (REMEMBER THAT--FOR THIS IS IMPORTANT, AND I WILL REFERENCE IT AGAIN, VERY SOON), that they suffer from a negative, "oppressed minority" complex. I am not saying that this "oppressed minority" complex is not deserved or earned, but I do know that it tends to breed resentment, a debilitating and self-centered focus on one's grievances, accompanied by a consequent inability to proactively rise above them, as well as a preoccupation for revenge. As a matter of fact, that is the impression that I got from the attractive, cat Sirian female who visited me, as I watched a show about aliens (Sirians), preparing to destroy most of humanity and take over the Earth, and that show centered on the "oppressed minority" complex of the technologically advanced, refugee aliens, wrongfully imprisoned.

So, the cat Sirians may very well have been the huge losers in the Martian/Sirian losses to the reptilian invasion (just as they may also be the most powerful psychics of their Sirian brethren), and that may have triggered the bird flu' weapon, for I suspect that at least some of those little, flying dragons, were responsible for opening the stargates to the reptiles. I don't know the answer to that. I know who I would like to ask--Salusa--because he is a cat Sirian, yet either he or his ancestor, Enki, was great friends with one of the avian dragons, Marduk. However, Salusa is discredited at every turn--whether by his own "cat" kin, which have sold him out, since apparently he does not share their Event desire for revenge, or by the "dog Sirians", to whom he still is a "cat". I still have major doubts about Salusa's trustworthiness myself, but I still would like to approach him with this question.

Now, I wrote years ago, that I was mystified by the whole cat-dog enmity among Sirian humanoids, and I still am. I have both cat and dog genes in me, and have a fondness for animals of both species. However, without going into a lot of detail, trust me--I went through the torture of the last 24 hours deliberately--just so I could further identify what is going on--and it is negative "cat Sirians", who are responsible for so much of the negative mischief afflicting humanity. Furthermore, I think they act as a liason between Faction 2 and the Greys, since I believe that originally the Greys WERE cat Sirians. Now, what happened in the ancient evolution of time (on Mars), is that these cat Sirians sought protection through an alliance with the Amon-RA faction of vampires, which was yet another Sirian tribe, who suffered greatly at the hands of their Sirian brothers, while on Mars. Now, pictures of "Amon" show a walking slug or serpent, but THIS IS NOT the stereotypical, conquering reptile from Draco/Orion, with their large, walking lizard look. Rather, it may have been a serpentine "leviathan" or sea monster, which originated in Earth's own oceans, in parallel development to the Martian/Moon "spiders", and which offered some protection from possession by Draconian reptiles, through the Amon RA virus, that drives people crazy. To back up my hypothesis, I need to look no further than my alien neighbors--they are Amon RA vampires, and they are the negative slavers who are not only making my life miserable, but who are in domineering control of so many "cat" hybrids, including my sisters' genetic children, and even in control of at least some of my children. More than anything else, I long to free my family, and offer the genetic, human/alien hybrids the possibility of freedom, but the occult (in this case, Vampire), aliens have a chokehold on all those who would defy their control mechanism and would bid for freedom, and this includes PF, whom they can totally control with threats of both a personal and global, nature, as well as myself.

Now, how did these "cat Sirians" get a hold over me in the last couple of days? Well, in the first place, as I said, they are in alliance with the Vampire/Amon-RA alien faction (which here on Earth is identified with the religious zealots of the Vatican/Jesuits, etc), and this clique HAS CONTROL OVER MY CHILDREN. I told PF, at the beginning of our relationship, that I fully endorsed any decision, no matter how hateful or painful, that she would make, which would save her life, and the life of our children, which is my most paramount concern. That makes her really easy to blackmail, as she learned in Cartagena, while I lay in a delirious, mental limbo status, unable to get out on my own, without "medicinal" intervention. Yeah, in the evil occult world, blackmail by threats over a person's loved ones is considered, "consent". Fucked up, evil world we live in, and it is going to go on for thousands more years, unless others step up, as the Patriots, PF and I have done, and move to end this evil.

Whether I was blackmailed or "flipped", I do not know. However, I know that something happened in the interdimensional realm, for yesterday while visiting with the body clone of PF, which was inhabited by a cat Sirian, he kept pressing me, subtly and subliminally for a lighter. I had a lighter in my pocket, which I had grabbed, but I did not recognize it as belonging to me. However, the most interesting thing about it was that it was the color purple, which is my favorite color, so somebody had trapped me by giving me that lighter in the interdimensional realm, and now, their protocol demanded it back. I had an uneasy feeling the lighter did not belong to me, and wondered if I had swiped it, innocently, as smokers do lighters, and writers do pens, at an earlier time, while visiting PF, but the truth was, I hadn't smoked in her house in days, and I know that I did not take that lighter in the 3D world, so it was yet another trap set for me in the interdimensional realm. Furthermore, I don't know if I am the one making TASTELESS jokes about dogs in the interdimensional world--it is hard for me to believe that I am capable of doing some of the stupid shit, like suck boy pervs' dicks, in the interdimensional reality, but I know I have, so all I can say is that, if indeed it happened, once again, the brain was flipped into doing something antithetical to my own being and value system. It is not that hard--the brain can literally be programmed and flipped with memories, or for that matter, they can activate memories of a previous lifetime, of which my conscious mind is completely ignorant, but would identify as belonging to me. What the reader has to understand is that these factions have access to the most sophisticated mind control IMAGINABLE, and absolutely NO SCRUPLES and NO ETHICS and NO QUALMS about using them.

So yesterday, the Sirian cat/Amon-RA vampire clique gained control over me (or more accurately PF), even though somehow I had escaped the most imprisoning of Faction 2's MATRIX programming, for the previous two days. Furthermore, if I could do it, I know how to do it, and I could do it again, and teach others, but sigh...all that seems far down the road right now. However, even though I had figured out the coming EVENT, and people, it isn't what you think it is, I still felt uncomfortable about what was going on in my immediate reality. PF's clone had been occupied by a real hater--an alien vampire, I do believe, and I wondered if she were still present next door. Yesterday morning, I felt her real presence for the last time. Now, these aliens and human mind controllers are so good at mimicing her presence, but ultimately, there are times when I am absolutely, indubitously convinced that the psychic presence I feel belongs to PF, and the last time I felt that was 24 hours ago. So I sat and stewed all day, and finally broke down and went to visit, to see what was going on. Now, apparently I saw PF, Mermaid, and the two cats, but the only one, who may have even been her true self was Mermaid (and that is a maybe). Every other being in that home was a body clone inhabited by cat Sirian presences. I have had dealings now with both dog and cat Sirians, as well as their human hybrid offspring, and I am pretty good at telling who and what I am dealing with, and I knew something was wrong from the instant I briefly talked to PF, early in the morning. I am not going to tell HOW I knew, but I knew that I was dealing with a different sentient being, a cat being.

However, I was fooled to a greater extent than before, because this cat being was so much better, so much more luciferian, at playing the benevolent, loving person, than the vampire before him. He had genuine spirit, and I could recognize it. So, when I went back and visited a while, I noticed minor details of how the body clone had changed. I noticed that whoever this being was, he had a masculine personality. PF may utilize a male body clone, but her femininity shines through like a beacon through fog. Now, I got along great with this male, cat Sirian, but then again, that was no surprise. I really do get along great with most men on a superficial level; it is only when they develop romantic crushes or feminine expectations of me, that things get icky. Likewise, my relations with Mermaid stayed true to course of my normal female interpersonal relations, which is to say that stereotypical female chatter and emotional dependency and neediness BORES ME STIFF. You want to send me far away, either physically or mentally, start talking about cooking, sewing, babies, or other such inanities, in which I do not engage at all. Never have. Never will. Still, this male, Sirian cat was very convincing as PF, and I was still pondering the issue late at night, before finally reaching my conclusion and going to bed.

Now, by the time I went to bed, I was in agonizing pain. Actually, I had been in pretty bad shape all day, since the night before I had been cut on again, and at this point, any and all mutilations cause pain, because I no longer have enough skeletal system to healthily support my body. So, I took a vicodin, and lay down in my bed, but to me, it felt "electrified", so I got up and went to sleep on the living room floor. I sleep a lot on my floor, but when my back and ribs are so raw from mutilation, I am not comfortable on the floor either, so finally I got up and went back to bed. Finally, I was able to sleep, and in my dream, which I cannot comletely remember, I knew that I was rejecting the demands of the KaBal once again. Here is where things get interesting....

Once I refused to acquiesce to the demands made of me, I saw a "pobrecito", a really unfortunate, suffering soul. He reminded me, honestly of pictures of "Gandhi", with his small, undernourished-as-a-child frame, and his emaciated face and skull. That is, he reminded me of a brown, low-caste, very poor person from India. He had a nearly shaved head and a long suffering face and eyes, and he lay in a fetal position huddled under a blanket. I was told that because I would not cooperate with the KaBal, he had lost his reprieve from death row, and he looked up at me with mute, vacant eyes. I wanted to, I hoped that I tried to, explain to him, why I could not cooperate with the KaBal, how critical that it was that humanity know the truth about the Event--that the truth about this was so much bigger than any one person, including me. How effectively I did or did not communicate to him I do not know. I do know that this is standard operating procedure for the KaBal, and they have used it on me before, starting as a child, I do believe. Now, I am not sure, but I think that in addition to witnessing murders, I was given a knife to cut on a dying child---probably the same decapitated baby that whole fryer chickens remind me of. I wouldn't have had any intent or any strength in my hands to use the knife, but I would have seen the slice open up, leaving a red mark. Yesterday morning I woke up with a sliced red mark in the crease of my left elbow joint--were the cat Sirians/Faction2 Nazis/Amon-RA vampires able to flip me, by reminding me of how I, an "innocent" toddler, once sliced open a dying child?

You see, that is how they control their victims who reject evil, but cling to the good. They prey on their neurotic guilt; by neurotic, I simply mean that the innocent person is not consciously aware that they feel guilty, because they did not consciously or unconsciously choose evil, but rather were trapped by the miasma of malevolence, from which there is no circumstantial escape. I did not kill that baby. I did not will her or his death. I did not willfully cooperate in the murder, but I was tainted by neurotic guilt when some adult placed a knife in my little hand, and had me draw a simple, short red line--the same red line that I woke up with on my body yesterday morning.

So, this is how the KaBal works, and shortly I will post an adult memory of another neurotic guilt trip, but first I want the reader to understand how important it is to the KaBal that the truth be kept away from humanity. They are willing to use the most horrible of events and memories to keep people mind-controlled. That Indian unfortunate I saw was REAL--he may have been a Grey hybrid, or maybe he was a genuine prisoner somewhere in India--there has been a lot of negative KaBal activity in east India, nearly all of which has been stamped out. Maybe this man was a double agent who sided with the Patriots, and then was recaptured by the KaBal. I do not know--all I know is that this is a powerful guilt trip to lay on a person, but I have to look at where lies the greater guilt--my omission in helping to save an individual life or my omission to tell the truth and possibly help to save freedom for humanity. So, you see the kind of traumatizing choices with which I have been faced all my life.

However, the torture did not end there, because as soon as the dream of the Indian prisoner was over, I woke up, and this time, I definitely knew--MY BED HAD BEEN ELECTRIFIED. Now, as a kid raised in the country with lots of electric fences all over the place, I know what it feels like to be electrified, and someone--maybe the neighbor vampire, Charles, or the visitor who pulled in, while I visited with PF and Mermaid last night, had come in and electrified my bed. Not only was my entire body charged in the most unpleasant of manner, but my hands were especially affected, and I felt like I had nothing but the most painful of sensations in them. Now, you need to understand--whoever electrified my bed last night, knew exactly what satanic torture I had endured as a child, because they did the exact same thing to me as a kid. They lay me on a gurney and electrified me at intervals to synchronously program my brain waves with other advanced technology, and they especially numbed my hands, so that I would feel helpless and incapacitated. To this day, I have dreams about having no hands, which I think is a result of mind control being played out in my interdimensional state to re-invoke the original programming and childless dependency and obedience I endured back then. Talk about flipping.

Well, my body is a wreck, from all the cutting, and my hands are numb and in pain from the electric shock, but as you can tell by my writing, they still are there, so stay tuned for the EVENT. I just had to preface that revelation by letting you know how much it cost me in pain and suffering to bring it to you. The sons of bitches are scared to death of you learning the truth.

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