Thursday, April 26, 2012

There is an ill wind

There is an ill wind blowing through my town tonight. It has been grating on the nerves all day, and from the weather report, I fear it is going to hang around for a while. I like the wind, generally speaking, having been raised in an Appalachian holler, which is just a mini-valley, where the wind always blows, coming from the surrounding hills and trees. However, I don't like an ILL wind, a wind that feels unnatural, forced and foreboding, and this one sure qualifies.

I guess my bravado regarding the truth about the inner evil spirit, and how it got there, was not particularly well-timed, as the reptilians of the Italian/Malta?Amon Ra faction are dominant right now, and they have the Patriots on the ropes. I mean Hillary Clinton is calling Harvey Weinstein, a "friend". How fucking scary is that? If I had an ounce of common sense, I'd be hiding in the closet, or with my head under the sofa, while I prayed rosary beads, but as the priest who confirmed me said, "You have tremendous courage, but an awful lot to learn about prudence".

He would be disappointed to know that have made practically no progress in the attainment of this virtue, but sometimes, I just feel compelled to be honest, and hope that the grace of God and my own inner resources save me from my lack of prudence. I have sat on the truth about that evil spirit for a long time--I have known it for years, but I never really thought about it, because I learned a long time ago, not to think about certain things, since I have no mental privacy.

I couldn't have picked a worse time, as the vampires have the world in a stranglehold. Apparently, they are able to blackmail the Patriots, by threatening the world with meteorites that contain the Amon-RA virus--at least that is what I am guessing from such news items as a "whale sized object dropping into a CT lake". I know that Nibiru, the planet of the Tall Whites, is very close to impacting Earth's orbits. Some really smart and hip Patriots think that Niburu was destroyed, but what was actually destroyed, was the planet I called Planet X, the home of the White Dragons, the founder of the Mongoloid race, and the patrons who helped Moses and the Jews escape Egypt. Niburu, and the Tall Whites, still plan to devastate this planet, and I think they are the ones throwing meterorite fireballs with the Amon-RA virus at us.

I still feel confident about the future, but I foresee a rough patch ahead for a while, not only for the world, the Patriots, but especially for me. I cannot be sure, but I think that I was just solicited by the Amon-RA, Italian KaBal, to actually co-operate with the demon inside of me!!! Geez, as I have said all along--that fricking virus terminates in insanity! However, maybe they are threatening a city with infestation, or have a really wicked alternative plan for me. However, I am a prime asset in fighting this evil, and if I willingly sell out, it will be more than one city which suffers. My dereliction would likely have negative repercussions across the entire planet, so I have to hold out, even though I know the KaBal will attempt to abduct and torture me at night. During the day, I fear something like another attempt to throw me in jail. I just got a real bad vibe when I went to buy cigarettes today. I couldn't buy them. I drove all around, stopped on a dime and went into a store, and already there were two Agents (Smiths) in line ahead of me, to ensure that anything I bought was infected with the Amon-RA virus. God, life is hard when I am stalked by those KaBal types.

It could be worse I guess. Mermaid finally has realized that the medicine she takes is actually feeding the virus and driving her crazy, but she is a very ill and elderly woman. I went to talk to her, and some shapeshifter was pretending to be the clone body that PF uses. I don't know what the hell those evil bastards think about the stupidity of human spirit and discernment. The first time that this happened, the smell of evil was so overpowering that I was choking. This time the smell was gone, but still it was clear that PF's soul and spirit presence was not in that body; nor for that matter, was it in the two cats of the house. Poor animals.

So what to do when I feel so imminently threatened by evil? Well, I go back to my old standby--and read spiritual material, to try to empower an embolden my spirit to fight evil. So, I am just going to hang out at home, and read. Even as I write this, the Amon-RA implant in my left cheek/nostril area is going crazy with pain--some download must be starting. That is okay. I have dealt with it many times before, and I can handle it now--I just am going to take life one day at a time, and if it gets really bad, one hour at a time.

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