Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good news and not so good...

Good news and not so good...the good news is that I think I have found a way to break free of the Matrix programming--at least in its most invasive and restrictive sense, in which agents are able to keep a step ahead of me. Instead for the past two days, I have been encountering friendlies, instead of hostiles in my social encounters, and believe me that is unusual. I also have been seeing friendly Black people, which again is highly unusual. Sometimes, agents will materialize as Black, but you know, no matter what, you cannot fake love, warmth, engagement, and caring. All the agents, to be honest, remind me of the pathologicals of Faction 2--and I wouldn't be surprised if that is exactly what they were/are.

Of course, I still have run-ins with the Faction 2 pathologicals. Yesterday Hobie and his accompanying boy posse again psychically assaulted me while I was at the library. I am used to it by now, and just left. I was only there, because frequencies were assaulting me at home--leaving my sacral area tender and in pain. However, I do seem to be getting stronger every day, and last night I think I got rid of a lot of evil that has been plaguing my house.

Amongst other things, small flakes were dropping into the wastebasket (literally), and the infestation of moths disappeared. I know it sounds weird, but some of their moths were sentient beings--if not high level sentient being, they were low level toadies--for the vampire factions, I do believe.

Anyway, in my final dream, I was feeling pretty proud of myself, because I had finally rid my home (symbol of self) of evil, and had gotten at least a small measure of freedom from the Faction 2 Matrix programming and pathologicals. So, in my dream, I saw a grassy, peaceful, shady ridge, and said, "finally PF and I can just sit down like normal lovers and talk". However, no sooner do I think that, than all these turd patties start popping up. While they looked like a large animal droppings, they were completely translucent, and I realized that they were actually jellyfish! Then I noticed a dead bird, completely keeled over. Sigh, no place of rest for PF and myself.

I translate the dream to mean, that while I am gaining greater personal autonomy over myself, there is still a massive threat to humanity, which effectively continues to separate us (though not for very much longer). I believe the dead bird refers to the threat of a catastrophic, global pandemic, bird flu, spread by a biological weapon of mass destruction. It may also refer to lingering hates and resentments from the war of the time of Atlantis, since that is when the bird virus was originally created and most effectively deployed. So, which of the 12 Atlantean tribes was responsible for that initial deployment that wiped out an entire sentient species???

That would be interesting to know, since I am fairly certain that I know what faction is responsible for the jellyfish phenomenon that has been afflicting our planet in recent days, as for example in the El Diablo nuclear plant shutdown, because of the invasion by a mysterious species of jellyfish. Now what is the first thing that comes to mind, when I think of jellyfish? Why, it is that they have no muscular-skeletal structure. There is another creature of the sea that has no muscular-skeletal structure, and that is the shark, which is a cartilaginous creature. Now, evil Faction 2 beings often incarnate interdimensionally as sharks. I know this, because I have fought them. Indeed, I have often killed one mean, nasty, Faction 2 shark, just to be repaid by Faction 1 vampires (they are enemies) by having them claim slave rights over me. This is how I have spent the last few years--being traded back and forth by one slaver group over another.

Anyway, I want to mention another creature that comes to mind that has no muscular-skeletal system--the Grays. I have called them "Gumbies" in the past, not out of disrespect, but because their bodies are like solid jelly (jellyfish), instead of our mammalian, muscular bodies. Finally, I would recall my recent post, in which I stated that my body was losing all muscle tone, and becoming more like Mermaid's, which is very weak and soft in muscle, almost cartilaginous already. Now, I do not know if her species is that way naturally, but somehow, I don't think so. I think this "jellyfish" phenomenon that is invading our planet--and some unfortunates, like myself, in particular, is GREY technology to turn our race into a Grey hybrid race, so that the Greys can incarnate into our bodies, and enjoy a higher quality of life than they do now. I think they are following the example of the reptiles, and using advanced viral technology to alter the DNA of certain humans, and eventually large groups of humans, so that extradimensional Greys can shapeshift into human bodies, and eventually they hope to clone Grey souls into an emerging Grey race, once known as the human race. The problem with this of course, is that the Grey race is biologically so weak, dysfunctional, and even defunct in certain respects, that any such attempt will devitalize the human race, as we now know it. The virus is taking hold through our food supply. We finally got rid of the pink slime, but I think it is being bred through other foodstuffs, of which potatoes are the biggest culprit. Hold the fries. I also wouldn't eat seafood (which naturally contains this viral genome--it is related to the crustacean life of which I have spoken before), or anything that is genetically modified. I don't mean to be a "scare bear", but I have watched my body, health, and vitality deteriorate over the past few years and I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone. So how does this all come about? Reread this post, and stay tuned.

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