Friday, April 27, 2012

Once again,

Once again, Faction 2 is claiming slave ownership of me. I think I finally have figured it out. The Rothschilds--while a prime family of evil, acted as a smokescreen diversion from which the reptilian faction--Faction 1--of Rome, the Vatican, and the Jesuits acted with impunity. Anti-semitism was a good smokescreen too. Anyway, Faction 2 is just as reptilian as Faction 1. they both are evil, reptilian, and anti-human. and they both want to destroy me, preferably after using me for a few years.

so yesterday, apparently faction 1 made a play for my ownership, but failed, so now faction 2 is in charge of my life, and they really have fucked me up. i spent all night, awake with nausea an migraine, so low energy on female hormones, i could barely move. same thing today. destperate for testosterone--walking into walls, nauseated, barely able to keep my eyes open. certainly find it extremely difficult to read or write. i have figured out though--this actually is end game for faction 2 plan for me.

you see, they intend to use and abuse me, just like they did mermaid. that is why they flipped me to mervoginan yellow. it wasnt race pride. they wanted another marine mammal psychic to use to hold their fucked up matrixs together, as mermaid has ruined her life doing. mermaid though is very different than me. i think she likes being in a psychic delirium, spending all day in bed, or stiint in a chair, barely responsive to reality. i hate it. feel like shit. hate too, watching my body turn to liquid. all my muscle are disappearing under fat and some kind of jellification of my muscles.

mermaid is in really bad shape. so now, faction2's attacks on me will intensify. does no good to say i despise faction 2, their lies and evil, and boy devotees. that is where i am different than mermaid--she spent years serveing faction 2 gladly. i wont. not one single day, you motherfucking vampiric pigs. suck out my life energy if you can--and you can---but i will fight you till i die.

i do not serve reptile--whether the draconians or aAmon-RA, wheterh faction 1 or faction 2. still i cant shake the low energy and severe depression which the female hormones cause. my brain is finding it hard to even be present to reality, keep eyes open.

i know it is time for a change, but people dont understand i need to be in a good place to make change. healthy, strong, masculine. i always need to feel good about myself. after all the hits to my self-esteem over past week, i need to lick my psychic wounds. course problem will be that faction 2 will keep me all drugged up, as they did when PF was abducted by obama--and probably blackmail to keep me there was a factor in her coercision as well. i have faith, i will pull out, its just today, i can barely fucntion.

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