Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My computer is running blisteringly hot

My computer is running blisteringly hot, and I know why. I have experienced this with laptops before--someone has put hardware on my computer, that is going to slow it down, and eventually cause freezes and hardware failure. Yeah, soon I will have to put another computer on a credit card. In the meantime, the noxious emissions caused by the computer will cause severe muscle pain and cramping, especially since I am already in agony with all the mutilations. I have experienced this agony before--this is Vatican/Jesuit/Italian technology, which means that they have access to my house. So, it looks like my reading of the Web clues were right. Faction 2 has backed off their slave ownership of me, and now the Italians are claiming full slave rights. FUCK YOU, SONS OF BITCHES. YOU CAN MAKE ME MISERABLE, AND LEAVE ME IN AGONIZING PAIN, BUT I WILL NEVER SERVE YOU.

I serve the truth, and unfortunately, that is sometimes a painful vocation. Tonight it certainly is, as a lie has crashed and impacted my life in a most destructive way The worst part of it all, is that, had I known the truth from the beginning, I would have been spared the latest round of sexual humiliation at the hands of the Faction 2 boy posse, an maybe, just maybe, I would be in a safer place than now. However, I am not surprised at all, from any angle, that the situation has evolved as it did. I am comfortable, though disappointed, with the way things turnned out. Of course, I had my niggling doubts that I was being lied to, but the possibility of the truth was too painful to consider, so it was easy for me to shut down my inquisitive mind, and go with the flow, until everything dammed up, and right now, everything is DAMNED UP...

The lie is actually one that I believed, rather than knowingly perpetuated, and it originated with PF and what really happened in Cartagena, where she was raped. Now, I have never lied on this blog, though I have been known to dangle a disinfo or two, because I am a firm believer that the truth is always going to come out, and it is better to deal with the negative repercussions of an unpleasant truth, upfront and quickly, rather than prolong and drag out the final reckoning. Once again, my philosophy is proved proved to be the right one.

Now, I was vague enough about the Cartagena incident that, technically, I didn't lie, but I have been enmeshed in, and stung by this lie, which not only has to do with PF's sexual victimization, but by intimate corollary, my victimization as well. You know, I really have struggled to keep the details of our sexual relationship and activities private. Yes, there have issues of which I am painfully aware, that a whole slew of psychics and the vast host of their employer networks know about PF and I. However, I have dealth with difficult sexual issues in a relationship before, and all along, I have steadfastly maintained, that if PF and I were just left alone, that as the mature and motivated couple that were are, we would be able to work out our problems relatively easily.

However, we are not left alone. Predators of every type and stripe, constantly ambush and attack us, looking to latch on, control, use and abuse us. To some extent, they have succeeded. Our children lives are now controlled by malevolent aliens and slavers. Multiple cliques have recordings of my brain frequencies, basically pirated after they gave PF lying assurances about promised payment or patronage. These recordings are very important, and one day I will come back to it. I have said it before, but I will say it again, PF has a very big and forgiving heart, when it comes to people but very poor judgment regarding them--which is not suprising, given her entire lifetime of being controlled and "handled".

So I am going to begin by sketching the little I know of PF's history--and as a prime CIA asset, she actually has quite the Internet footprint. First of all, let me say it again, "For the first 35 years of her life, PF was a HIGH-RANKING, CIA SEX SLAVE. Let me unpack this one word at a time, so that you can see the tragedy of PF's history and current entanglement with a corrupt, evil world--hopefully through an empathic lens of compassion. That is how I see her--apart from the fact that I am in love with her, and committed to her, through that love, and the fruit of it--our children.

First of all, PF was BORN into slavery. She was bred to be a sex slave from her earliest existence. Now, while like me, she was born in the early 1960's, she experienced the maturation process of a hybrid, who are born within a year of conception, as physically mature adults, or more likely, teenagers. My guess is that her mind control training started immediatedly, and besides instilling dependency and fear, I suspect that she was also given training in providing sexual pleasure and programmed with an inflamed sexual appetite. Most of this mind control programming was probably done subliminally, or instilled, compartmentalized, and then completed, by erasing all memory of it from her consciousness. When one cannot recall what happened to them in their consciousness, this intensifies the feeling of powerlessness, and one becomes even more helplessly entrapped and out of control of the programs, so she probably spent years wondering what was wrong with her, as she tried to deal with her sexual issues.

I understand that her sex service for the CIA began with the LBJ administration. While she may have been in an adult body, in real time, she was about 1-4 years of age, and she is sexually servicing the highest ranking member (s) of the administration. Don't think that would mess with a four year old's head. From what she has written, she was called upon to provide this sex service to every administration in the White House, with the exception of Jimmy Carter. That is pretty heavy duty reinforcement of the most skilled and diabolical programming in the galaxy. Anyway, the key word that I want to emphasize is "high ranking". She was not trained to be a mere prostitute. She was groomed and handled to service only the highest ranking, international clients that the "CIA" wanted to get dirt on, or have a psychic probe done. For from an early age, PF was a trained psychic, no doubt the result of intensive, abusive (and likely unremembered), disassociation trauma.

PF was to remain a sex slave from the LBJ administration to 2002. So let's move on to the word, "sex". There is no doubt that in 35 years, there was a lot of sexual activity going on--most of it with very high profile names. I really don't want to know that much about it, but I am not stupid or willfully blind. Being a little obsessive compulsive about math, I did a quick arithmetic calculation on the numbers, and just that alone, depressed my spirit. But then, it rebounded, when I reminded myself, "people are not about numbers, souls are not about numbers, and love is not about numbers". I believe that in a committed relationship, the partners of a couple are "Christ" for each other, and I know that Christ is not about the numbers either--except the one that engages the love and attention right at that very moment, and for me that is PF.

I can vouch for PF, unequivocally, that she is a tremendous and special persona with a great soul and a big heart--bigger than mine I do believe. Yes, I am in love with her, but believe it or not, I still am quite capable of maintaining a measure of objectivity. I concede that she has ongoing issues, but one is not a sex slave for 35 years without accruing some very bad spiritual habits. I think that PF became a sex addict who learned to love the sex act, not just for pleasure, but also for a sense of fulfillment and validation of self. I think that she also has learned how to compartmentalize sex--able to separate her soul from the sex act at will (remember, this is CIA target clientele we are talking about--miserable pricks and lousy fucks, the lot of them)... Now, I think she is in recovery from her sex addiction, but like all addicts, she needs ongoing support, which I can assure you, she gets from me; unfortunately, too many other powerful miserable pricks and lousy fucks, get some kind of perverted, twisted pleasure from seeing her humiliated and enslaved again.

The final word of "High ranking CIA sex slave" is "slave". PF had no choice in her lifestyle. She was never free to say yes or no. She was completely controlled and programmed by her handlers who knew where she was every second of her life. She had no legal identity, except that of multiple, CIA -manufactured aliases, no SS# with which to get a job, driver license or apartment--just microchips so her handlers could keep track of CIA property. If she performed badly or rebelled, she was punished. I think that is what the "Deep Throat" film was all about--brutal, humiliating punishment for a young sex slave, who didn't know her place, but actually dare to dream that she was free to do what she wanted. For instance, at the time she smoked cigarettes. How dare she do that? How could she be open to servicing reptiles if she had nicotine in her bloodstream? So that POS, Chuck Traynor, her assigned husband and handler, was given the task of making sure that she got back in line with her original programming...and stop her from smoking! Looking at her miserable, unhappy face from stills of that reel obscenity, I would say Traynor got his CIA bonus, and a long stay in hell!

If brutalization and beatings were not enough, the CIA had another cherished trick of the trade. Incarceration. Oh yeh, they don't just use it on naive idealists like me. It actually is a favorite tool to subjugate CIA hybrids who dare defy CIA dictates. So, while her night job was sex slave, her day job became CIA COINTELPRO asset. This means that she covertly infiltrated a movement (or could start one), and all the while, pretending to fight "the Man", is actually being funded and directed by "the Man". So, PF entered her "Patty Hearst" phase. Now, what you have to remember is that while, from the CIA's perspective, this is all "play and pretend", that from PF it was legitimate and heart felt. I am sure that her genuine enthusiasm was the result of a deep sympathy to the Black, radical movement. How could it not be? She herself was a thorough and completely controlled slave of the 20th century. She knew with an intimacy that probably was neverending icky, what rotten, corrupt bastards ruled the White power establishment. Still, the mind control is evident to me, and that is probably what left her ideologically one-sided and immature--something which she slowly grew out of, and after Cartagena, is hopefully completely erased. There is a video of her on the web, and she is discussing important ideological matters, yet her demeanor is "loosey-goosey", adolescent, and rebellious. Mind control. Her beliefs are not yet fully integrated into the full spectrum of her consciousness, and she is spouting off what she has been told to believe.

However, she really worked at maturing, and it shows. You can literally see the maturation process in her images and writing from prison. She looks like the chameleon that she is--and her facial changes, courtesy of CIA, fools even me at times. She was in and out of prison--depending on where the CIA wanted her. Even when she was behind bars, she was a privileged prisoner, and certainly the upper staff had to know she was CIA. That doesn't make the food taste any better, or the concrete any softer, but at least at night, I am sure that she got her "interdimensional roam on". Again, that is the way CIA political prisoners are treated--by day they are incarcerated prisoners, but at night, they astral travel and do the CIA's dirty work.

In a way, I think prison was good for her. It gave her structure, camaraderie, purpose and an advanced education--hell, she has a higher degree than me! If you want to see how a slave pulls herself (slowly), into mauturity and inner freedom, check out the web for "Marilyn Buck" (as in "Marilyn", the original CIA sex slave, and "Buck" in homage of her hermaphroditic status). Her spiritual and psychological maturity is impressive and self-evident, for anyone who knows how to discern. Her poetry is very good, too, and again, I am qualified to judge, and I wouldn't lie.

She also was becoming more involved with the Faction 2 financial reset wizards. Of course, she would know of them--remember Faction 2 owns the CIA--she would have been surrounded by them her entire life. I think it was in the early 90's that she became involved with the then incipient financial plan as proposed by Faction 2. Now remember, she had been in the minds of some of the most corrupt and wealthiest people on the planet. She knows the true skinny on how this rotten, evil financial system works. I believe at that point that she had become truly obsessed with pursuing justice for others--a justice she had never known. So, even though she remained very much a slave, as she got more involved with this faction and their plans, she became more and more influential. I think that slowly, she went from being more of an apprentice or junior, to being able to bring her unique knowledge to the table, to being someone who pushed and bucked for the structural reforms to benefit all the people, and not just flip the old regime change to Faction 2 and cronies. All this advocacy for the poor and powerless is guaranteed to earn you enemies, because the truth is that a lot of the financial reset agenda was not about the people at all--it was about secretly stashing the money with the new elite cronies. PF's vigilance for an equitable dispersal of settlement funds has cost her dearly.

However, she kept pushing for her agenda and her rights, and finally she was freed from CIA sex servitude in 2002--probably due to the personal intervention of George Bush--more on that, later. However, one does not go from a lifetime of slavery to personal autonomy , overnight. For one thing, she still was a CIA asset, an interdimensional agent and psychic, with no legal identity. Also, she still had some personal issues to work out. In 35 years, she never had control over her own body, so her first go at a "free relationship" was reminiscent of her controlled relationships with her CIA handlers. She was married to an abusive Black psychic man. At this point, she was completely identified with the Black psychic communtity. Decades of mind control, a huge heart for the oppressed minority and poor of the world, as well as her own deeply committed ideological orientation, caused her to remain oblivious to his faults. In short, she was racist...how could a Black man be as rotten and evil as a White man, when they are so oppressed and downtrodden? But he was, and PF's ideological blindness regarding race has cost her greatly in the last decade, and it certainly blindsided her in Cartagena.

I think the CIA only partially release PF in 2002, I think they gave this Black psychic insider knowledge and the means (pills, etc) with which to control her. As I have written earlier, that I have learned that the KaBal uses testosterone to make her not only sexually amped up, but emotionally and mentally crazy. I think they also stayed in control of the masochistic programming and switches in her brain that were placed in her as a very young woman. Now remember, hybrids are so much easier to control than us 3D people. The KaBal literally has frequencies that will set off memories and behaviors of masochistic sex. They used it for control, or as part of a job. However, her husband was a sick pervert who enjoyed these control mechanisms for his power and pleasure, and he abused her terribly. In short, she went from one CIA handler to another, and she suffered terrible abuse at the hands of this Black psychic leader. She eventually divorced this man, but apparently he is flipped out to Amon RA, and really has a sadistic streak that he likes to indulge. Unfortunately, he has allies, not only in the Black psychic community, but also in Barry Obama...
Next up: What really happened at Cartagena? Hint...it wasn't all about sex, some of it is about me, but most of it is about the blind racism and stupidity, and utter lack of manhood found in the Black psychic community. Stay tuned.

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