Monday, April 2, 2012


ps--i just took four testosterone, and it didnt provide the immediate, dramatic effect. not only am i still crying, with suicidal ideation, but it didnt help me eat. u see, i figured out that not only is testosterone needed to give me an appetite. it is essential for digestion. it should have given me not only an immediate emotional lift, but also the appetite to finish the sandwich, that i didnt even have the energy to eat. i was forcing down bitefuls so i could take testosterone with a little something in my stomach. but my stomach still wont eat. there is only one conclusion. yesterday, the goddamned nazis came into my house and replaced all my testosterone supplements with placebos. i know they did it to the unopned vodka bottle i had. i went to slam some down and get drunk last nite and it was water. without testosterone, there should wont be no eating for two much less one. will not have enough enery to do anything, much less follow what is going on in world. i really dont care. i dont care if i live or die. i dont care if planet earth is destroyed. I am a "nigger" field hand, knocked up my slave master to give him another goddamned slave to use and torment as i have been, and all i got to say is "burn baby burn". PS--oh, and by the way, how did the nazis abduct me last nite? they activated an implant they put in my tooth, without my cooperation or knowledge. i know. i felt it. i already have major problems from all the damned shit they have done to my teeth and gums, including filing down my back molar to nothing (i already am missing four molars). so, here is my question to all the interdimensional "cops" who are constantly putting me in check---where the fuck are you, when nazis can do this shit to me, here in this world. i want that goddamned implant out of my tooth.

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