Sunday, April 15, 2012

There has been a slight change in the MATRIX

There has been a slight change in the MATRIX in which I reside. I am not sure what exactly happened, but in my dreams I seemed to be in a spacecraft lifting out over Mars. I had hoped that I was off this accursed planet, but now I just think that I was involved in some engagement in which the most abusive of the Faction 2 cliques were confronted.

Still, there hasn't been much change. As I walked out the door, I saw the neighbor clone whose body has been occupied by Hobie these past few weeks, but I knew it wasn't Hobie, for my intuition had informed me earlier, that he finally had been put in check. However, there has been no improvement--my clone neighbor is now inhabited by a NAZI! "She" wanted to gain my consent to the Nazi pesticide sprayer to be allowed inside my house! Hell no--I don't even want that mind controlled Nazi perv to breathe the air within a 10 foot perimeter of my house.

However, as deliberately rational as always, I gave it due consideration--all of five minutes, while I tried to deconstruct the encounter I had just had, and sure enough, it hit me--same old game, different players. Of course, I realize that I had been set up for the same old occult entrapment, which attempts to trick you into cooperation by your assent to something trivial, "Would you like a peanut, sir?" "How about an apple, Eve?" Yeah, all those childhood fairy tales were on to something. Anyway, wanting to make myself clear to this clone body, I made two loudly banging attempts on the door, to get neighbor's attention. That didn't work, so I left an explicit note.

I just hope it is enough, for I have realized that in the past couple of days or so, my brain has become really scrambled, and I get confused easily. Of course, partly that is the result of high levels of female hormones, but it has really amped up to alarming levels, and I fear that my brain has been plugged into an even more sophisticated MACHINE-RA virtual reality. I was reading a web article that spoke of how radiation frying the brain allowed this souped up interface between drone brain and MACHINE to occur, and it made me wonder about all the attempts to set off massive radiation blasts on this planet, whether through nuclear bomb or through nuclear reactor accidents--don't forget Fukushima was deliberately sabotaged, so that the failsafe shutdown procedures did not work. Now, I have bothered to sift through the disinfo and read what I can of Grey alien history. They, of course, are the classic drone, hive-mind model that the MACHINE especially prefers, and they claim that their degenerated biology is the result of massive radiation. Radiation is poison not only to the body, but the brain, especially an autistic like myself, but I wonder if that is what is happening to me.

I certainly am struggling to keep my eyes open, and my brain alert. I can literally feel it going from normal mode, and then switching to MACHINE mode, but I don't seem to be able to control the switch. Of course, this is scary, especially when one goes to sleep with the brain flipped, and sure enough, Nazis enter into my dream state and try to kill me (as happened last night). They also sexually tortured me again--they didn't put an electrode in my vagina, but on my clitoris--very painful, let me tell you, but I still wouldn't give them what they wanted. Even though, they appear to do everything they can to force a feminine self-identity on me, their actions tell me that even their ideologue brains recognize that I am not. I also dreamed of a couple of lesbians engaging in semi-erotic wrestling and play, and that my blonde haired, blue eyed niece hopped into bed next to me. As soon as she did, I felt this huge, draining black hole open up next to me, and got the hell out of bed. It was a reptile assuming the image of my niece. Then of course, another reptile tried to fix a hypnotic stare on me (assuming the hazel eyed image of neighbor clone). That may have been when they tried to kill me, but my guardian angel came to my aid. I know from other elements in my dream that I choose not to reveal, that yes, once again, this was all classic Faction 2, and they have apparently flipped a very prominent youth whom they hope to use.

So how does this happen? Why is sometimes my brain okay, and sometimes it is so drained, that I feel that I cannot resist? In one of CS Lewis' books on Narnia, "The Prince and the Silver Chair", he writes of the hero being tied to a chair, while an evil witch plays an instrument, that he hears as "THRUM, THRUM, THRUM", and the more she thrums, the less cognizant and responsive to reality he becomes. I have to fight the feeling of being like Prince Caspian, tied to a chair, unable to escape the numbing "THRUM, THRUM, THRUM".

I recognize when my brain is this way, but I still can't figure out how to proactively change it, except to get up and do physical activity, insofar as I can do even that. Yet, I must, because otherwise I open myself to every negative parasite and bloodsucker in the galaxy.


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