Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well, I am not on crazy making drugs

Well, I am not on crazy making drugs like lithium, but I woke up groaning, and that is a proven indicator that I am on Depakote. I am a little more alive and aware of what is going on around me today, but still not able to fully engage reality. Of course, I am autistic, and while autism enhances my ability to live in my head, so that thinking is not so debilitated, it becomes difficult to concentrate enough to plow through the whole backlog of vids and posts I have bookmarked to read. It certainly is very difficult to get through routine chores. Whatever drugs I am on, I realize that for the past few days I have been suffering from the classic autism "gut" symptomology of being a "pooping factory". Yesterday, I had no appetite to go along with the lack of energy, so I did not eat as much as I normally do, so I know for sure that my excessive bowel movements are the result of these psychotropic drugs exacerbating my autistic gut.

Likewise my energy level is so low that I cannot do the routine tasks that need to be done around my house. Thank God, and everybody positively involved, that Irene has blown over with mininal damage, giving us a little respite. When/what will be the next great crisis? I don't know. However, I am not going to push too hard--God always seems to reveal the necessary insights to me, when needed, so I just need to stay healthy. I hate it that this is the second day in a row, that I have no energy for any kind of serious productivity and engagement with reality, but there is nothing for it, but to deal with it, and find something very low level that I can do to pass the time. Nothing like good ole tv, when I am too autistic to do anything else...

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