Friday, August 5, 2011

Woke up in severe pain

Woke up in severe pain after being cut on again last nite. Yesterday, I figured out a cabal plan and tho I didn't write it down, I am sure all the psychics zeroed in on me figured it out. Good thing. Basically Maurice Strong and his satanic allies wanted to nuke Aukland, a city of 1/3 million people! Why? Because it was payback against a competitor, it sabotaged NZ, which is a planned sacrifice to the emerging landmass of the post-pole shift Lemuria, and it strengthened one of his top allies, the truly evil satanist, Julia Gillard. I usually don't like to comment on the leadership of other countries unless it impacts my own nation, but this woman needs to go. Yesterday. Not for me or for the US, but for the safety and well being of Australia. This is twice now that I have seen her positively gleeful at the thought of massive death and destruction--the first time was the aborted Strong/GE/Obama attempt to nuke the US while in India. Hillary Clinton was slated to be murdered, and she was giddy with glee, talking of something like, "we are going to really shake things up for you while you are here". This woman is losing all her own party's support, and her citizens are rebelling against the full airport scanners which primary function is to make Chertoff richer (Chertoff is part of the most evil cabal, who cashed in huge from 9/11). How could she be gleeful at the thought of massive destruction of her immediate neighbor which shares the same historical and cultural tradition as her own country? Simple--she is hellishly evil. As long as this woman has any power whatsoever, the people of Australia are at high risk of suffering from the same fate she wished to inflict upon NZ. So now that I have said that piece, it is up to any Aussie patriots to move to save their country from the rankest of arch evil.

As for me, I am suffering terribly. Last nite viral download was so strong that nerve pain in my legs literally took me down and had me crawling on all fours. My house is a mess because I am too sick to do even the most routine of cleanup. Nor am I going to be able to do anything today. The alien abductors cut on my lower back last night, and now, not only am I in chronic nerve pain on my legs, but my lower back is very messed up on my right side (complementing the left side which has been painfully messed up for weeks now). I literally cannot walk or stand straight. While I have a lot of nerve pain, I have no sensation in my legs. However, it is the back pain that is driving me nuts. Once again, when I woke up this morning, the body instinctively tried to arch and push forward into its normal, original position, which was destroyed when they took out my sacral nerves and supporting pelvic girdle muscle in order to carve out a "female" body pelvic stance, so all the goddamned Isis worshippers could have their female avatar. When the fuckers did that, they stole all my natural high energy and drive, which even on my best day, I no longer have, so that life's actions and movements are all a constant endurance test. Now, hobbling on numbed, painful legs with a stooped back is a constant endurance test.
I am in too much pain to go any further--going to go back to bed to try to feel better so that I can get up to do what i got to do, later. There is a lot more going on, but I need to go to bed try to feel better.

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