Sunday, August 28, 2011

No rest for the weary...

No rest for the weary...

While much of America has spent the day in relief and celebration that Irene petered out to a tropic storm that did minimal damage, I spent all day drugged up (I don't know on what). I was just doing a cursory reading of some posts, which is what I do most days--storing the knowledge in my head, so that it is available for crunch time--AND DAMNED IF I DIDN'T FIND ANOTHER CRISIS READY TO BURST! The jumping off point for all this new research are a couple of posts by a man who felt compelled to share his intuitive promptings:

Actually, I am not sure that this conspiracy plot is ready to burst, since I believe that the perfect occult day in September is 29/9/2011 which translates to 11.11.11. So, I was going to just marinate on what I had learned today, but no sooner do I lay down, than my little inner voice tells me to get up and write.

This is actually an involved conspiracy, and really I do need to ponder on it, soak it in, and make clear, logical connections in order to do it justice, but I don't feel up to such an involved post tonight. Still, I am going to outline the plot broadly, and fill in the blanks tomorrow--hoping that I feel better.

As, I have stated before, the occult factions of the Air Force and Navy, backed by negative Sirian elements, have joined forces to dominate the planet. Same old story. Depopulate the planet, and march on Jerusalem. America won't fill the role that they have scripted for us, however, and this country just refuses to roll over and die a cataclysmic death, so that all this turmoil, war and change can happen. We dodged one bullet with Irene (yes, we did), but the gun is still pointed right at our temple--more specifically, the New Jersey coastline, and even more specifically, I believe the coastal areas across from Monmouth.

WHO? The commanding officer behind this plot is General William Harry McRaven. Note all three names--it is important, though that is for tomorrow. General McRaven is the commanding officer of the Special Forces Joint Command in Fort McDill AFB, Tampa Bay Fl.

Check out the high ears, the elongated jawline, and rectangular, jutting chin--the good general is plugged into MACHINE RA, an occult KaBalist. He also is a former Navy Seal, and in charge of the Navy SEAL special forces. He was appointed to that post right after the military coup--in other words, the occultists moved to make sure that they had one of their own in that position ASAP. He also was the one who planned "Operation Neptune Spear", the bogus takedown of Osama Bin Laden's brother, who was in custody in a CIA safe house at Abbotabad" (sp?)

The unit emblem for the SEAL's is a Neptunian spear, and the underwater demolition specialists have an even more elaborate neptunian spear insignia. A while back, I remember asking, "Are the SEAL's even taking orders through the chain of command (a moot point, now that there is a military coup in operation), or are they Faction 2's private army?" Well, after exploring a little about McRaven, the insignias, and related, tangential posts, I have my answer. The SEAL's, under General McRaven are answering to their Sirian and Templar occult overlords, not the American people, and they are intending to deliver another massive blow to the NJ shoreline, and its citizenry.

WHAT? In a brief sentence or two, the idea is for the SEAL's to plant underwater nukes (of course the specialized team wears the Neptunian spears pins) off the shore from Monmouth. Then, wait, until a blue "UFO" or "comet" comes screaming out of the night sky--something that the citizenry of Northeast and coastal America can all see, as it goes crashing into the water, and hits the planted bombs, unleashing not only a massive tsunami that engulfs NJ, NY and neighboring states, but also steaming, cyanide poisonous gas. In short, this is another spectacular false flag attack on America, decimating the property and infrastructure of the NE coast, and causing massive fatalities.

For those who wonder how I came up with this scenario, I refer you to the video about the Blue Kachina star on Sorcha Faal's web. As I have mentioned in my most recent posts, Sorcha II is no longer presenting disinfo as an ally interested in alerting the American public, but as an adversary, notably the occult alliance of Air Force/Navy-Faction 2. Still, ally or not, I can pick out truths from lies. One truth about this video is that the producer, Marshall Masters, is hard core, rogue CIA. I know that because of his unconscious, smirking demeanor and the fact that he, along with Nancy L/ZetaTalk, jumped on the Nibiru destruction/pole shift prediction in 2003. I haven't even finished watching the video. After only 10 minutes, I was immersed and overwhelmed in a maze of tangential and supporting evidence links, that I hope to reveal tomorrow.

WHY? As mentioned before, the KaBalists hope to cause crippling damage to the US, and enforce martial law on the rest of the country, claiming that we are under imminent alien attack. Maybe the "screaming blue UFO" will be alien technology--a gift controlled by the negative Sirians to prop up their human henchmen. Obama will once again get his opportunity to ACT presidential, declaring that we must go into wartime production to defeat this unseen, deadly enemy that wills our destruction. The hope is that this production will boost the economy, as war expenditures always do.

Releasing the cyanide poison is a clear sign of aggressive malice and will definitely scare the wits out of most Americans, many of whom don't have much wits anyway, and this would make us compliant to all the rigors of marial law--including shutting down all those pesky alternative web sites which posts channelings from aliens. Hell, people who have posted about aliens, such as myself, might even get thrown into a concentration camp as being a danger to the country. The reasoning will be that, "yes, maybe those goofy UFO-cult types are harmless, but the country is at war, and there is no way that someone in possible communication with the enemy can be allowed to express themselves freely."

In his video, Masters talks of the blue comet, being a harbinger of an even greater comet of destruction and death, the red comet. I believe that the occultists want to create fear in the population about comet Elenin, which will be coming in November, and come up with an excuse to destroy it. I am not sure what Elenin is, but I am hopeful (and I normally cynical, so my hope has some basis), that it brings "good tidings" to this planet--so, of course, the occultists will want to destroy it, and the "Blue Comet" death attack will give them the reason they need.

Interestingly enough, McRaven, along with the the rest of his KaBalist colleagues has no allegiance to this country. As a matter of fact, their biggest concern is that they install one of the Windsor princes, William or Harry (remember the name) as king of Jerusalem. This is all related to the recent birth of the supernova in Ursa Major. I am going to go more into that later, but remember Jesus' words about stars in the heaven, "I saw Satan falling from the sky..." I do believe that this new star has given our universe another negative, luciferian archangel.

More on this tomorrow...

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