Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm sick to my stomach

I'm sick to my stomach--both literally and figuratively. I am literally sick because I was abducted and mutilated by Salusa & co. last night, and not only did they mess with my right arm and shoulder, shortening my fingers once again, and leaving my arms in constant contact with breast flesh (FUCKING YUCK!, but they also did major brain implants. They have left me nauseated and weak all day. I thought the worst was the body and brain overheating, but now I find that I am walking like a drunk woman and i know it is because there is too much pressure on my brain stem. My head is going through involuntary convulsive shaking, abn I am very afraid that i mam going to have some kind of brain or epileptic seizure. my brain is not right at all, but my mind is fine, and I know i am being put thru this wringer because i was right. F2/military did pull off a coup, and while they lie about destroying the financial system to get rid of the reptilian parasites, the truth is they just want to become their replacements. furthermore, they want to destroy the vitality of this country, and transfer the balance of power to China, and they want to destroy the Jews of Israel (they are lining up help from the Muslims for that(), and take Jerusalem for themselves. They have a lot of people fooled, but I never was.

However, i have been so sick that the day i spent figuring out who/what/why of the NZ bomb, tracing it back to F2/F2 factional split between Maurice Strong and "CIA banker", Allen Stanford, that i was not able to write out my thoughts. big mistake. I thought the F2 psychics remote viewing me, would take my info to the Patriot Leadership team and reach CONSENSUAL resolution. instead they took the info right out of my head, sprang Stanford (who I am strongly suspecting is the one eyed anti-Christ of prophecy) from prison, and totally cut off Hillary Clinton from any kind of power whatsoever. Same old story--the last thing F2 wants is, is the last thing the reptiles wants-- a strong, independent leader, undermining Stanford's behind-the- scenes manipulation of destruction of this country, and the Middle East.

I can prove all this, but I am too sick to do much, except to say that I never really trusted the aliens behind F2, Salusa included. He/they may not be as evil as some other Sirians, but they have a controlling vibration and approach that is unacceptable to me as a 3D human being, much less begging claims of some superiority. However, I knew Salusa was important to the financial resolution process, and I perceived that my commander in chief wanted me to avoid any negative or inflammatory commensts or opionions about him/them, so I backed off. Well I was right, and now my commander in chief, who is the one person most responsible for getting us through three years of crisis after crisis, dodging assasination attempt after another, has been completely betrayed, backstabbed, used and abused. I am used to it, so its nothing new to me. As a female politician, she is used to it to, just not after putting her life, and 16 hour days/7 days a week on the line, in an alliance designed to bring down evil. I could say, well know she knows how I feel, but the truth is that I don't want ANYBODY to experience the hell of betrayal and abuse that I have. I can say that i have no more need to support any of these bastards. As a matter of fact, the F2 contingent that have moved in as my duplex neighbors can get the hell out--their 130 degree temperature is baking my own house, so that I no longer can bear to be in it, especially sicne i am suffering from constant overheating. Ask yourselves, what beings from our religious mythologies can survive in an environment of extreme heat???? Well, I silently put up with your shit for my commander in chief, but she has been stripped of her power, so you have lost all hold over me. Thank God, I don't have to sit on my own intuitions and warning judgments any more. I just hope the rest of the world wakes up--and fast, because the war that is planned is going to be decimating and brutal.

Now the interesting thing will be if this gets posted. The goddamned F2 military people who monitor me, have started doing their little mind control actions on me. They have stopped the daily newsgroup email that I get with Hillary news events--I use it to follow what is going on. Even more ridiculously, they actually interfered with my horoscope! LOL. I had read the horoscope already, but was checking out something (hard to explain--i could but i wont), when the page went "page not found". When I finally pulled up the page, imagine my laughter when my horoscope had changed from what i had read earlier in the morning, to read something like, "don't be rigid or overbearing in your opinions". Dear God, can you free people honestly imagine what a world run by people driven by such a mind-control mindset will be like.

No matter how important or not my posts are, I am going to start reading them out loud. F2 controls this blog, but I am certain that the Black psychics are still zeroing in on me--I will have to trust them to get the message out--OF A FREE AMERICAN!!

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