Sunday, August 7, 2011

I still am encountering satanists

I still am encountering satanists, and their satanic mind game techniques. This morning on the bike ride (usually the only guaranteed time that I am out and about in the public eye), I encountered yet another psych ops directed at me. One of the best movies providing an authentic glimpse into the satanic world is "Eyes Wide Shut". ALERT: It is not for children, youths, or anyone who cannot handle realistic depictions of gross immorality and subtle adult evil. In the movie, the satanists all are wearing masks, which creates a sinister and surreal feel, as the audience watches the satanic players moving around their castle environs, in a semi-trance, seemingly oblivious to all the individual people and acts around them.

Well, as I was coming around a bend, I saw a glimpse of a tall, statuesque woman, and she was moving in a trance like effect, and I said, "uh oh--satanist alert", and instantly veered off the path to the exit to a local street. I saw another government truck (no one inside it). This time I saw that it said "parks department". There was a senior citizen who looked like he was my local protector. I wanted to see if the woman would follow me, and sure enough, she did. This time, I was ready to really catch and fully perceive what was going on. You see, because of my autism, when my senses pick up something that triggers my alert system, I often go into an autistic state, which is a highly anxious state. It is not that I am afraid, but rather that, because I am on high alert, I am opening my senses up, to figure out what is the source of my alert, and when that happens, I become "autistic"--overwhelmed with sensory perception. When people are attempting to access my thoughts psychically, I become autistic, and then become anxious, with suspicion and autistic (overwhelming sensory input) perception. This is why all of these mind games, even if done by good intentioned people, are counterproductive. As I have explained time and time again, I respond better to direct dialogue, and ideas presented in writing. Any kind of mind game just trips the high anxiety of autism, and I find it difficult to get full and clear perception. However, this time, I was the one waiting to check out the satanist, and the street was clear, except for what I thought to be a "friendly" (if anyone was in the truck, they would have to open the door, which would warn me), so I just put all my attention on the woman.

Even with all my attention focussed on her, I couldn't believe how bizarre she really was. I find myself laughing now, but really it was surreal. She was tall and statuesque, with huge, full breasts, which I couldn't help but notice, because at 7 in the morning, on a public street, coming from a bike trail, she was dressed in some kind of floor length gown that looked to me more like pajamas than a dress. It kind of reminded me of something that a Grace Kelly character would wear, after drinks and before retiring--some kind of intimate boudoir nightwear that a woman only wears for her lover. There probably is some name for it, but I don't know much about women's clothes, so I will just describe it. It was a floor length, silky gray, pleated gown, but in a simple way, looking more like a pajama gown then a formal gown. Her breasts were fully covered, but loose in the halter style bodice. She was walking as if in a trance, staring straight ahead--a gray, living, breathing, "Statue of Liberty" (which has occult origins as well, by the way--it is a covert depiction of Isis). I remember thinking at the time, "oh my God, her mind is completely vacant"--like one of those brainwashed Mormon women, that the psych ops throw at me every now and then. If you have ever encountered a brainwashed person, (and I have), you will know what I mean, when I say that the mind was completely "brain WASHED". She was holding the hand of a little, blond girl, who I don't think was her child, because the proportions did not seem right. She was nearly 6 foot tall, and the age of the child, in the 5-8 year range, indicated to me that she should have been much taller, if she indeed was this woman's daughter. The little girl was carrying the limp leash of a French bulldog, who knew where to go (interesting enough, the lemurian, satanic psychics who live next door to me, and who I have identified as occult agents, allied with Maurice Strong, though probably unwittingly),also have a French bulldog--makes me wonder if a local breeder is a bigwig in the local satanic community). The little girl's mind seemed as vacant as the woman's. I just watched them walked by, and got on the bike path as quick as I could.

Well, I hope this story has everyone laughing. I am having a good laugh over it (except that it bothers me that anyone is brainwashed, and of course, I worry about the little kid). If the goddamned motherfuckers want me to be happy being an Isis, then I got a word of advice for you, "YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE ME SIX FEET TALL, INSTEAD OF GIVING ME THESE GODDAMNED COW BOOBS, YOU STUPID PRICKS". I haven't talked much about the recent bodily mutilations that I have endured, because I am certain that there are going to be major and drastic changes to my body soon. At the very least, I will have a double masectomy to get rid of these huge breast that I am now carrying around. I hate them with a passion. The good news is that since I got my extra set of ribs back, I have lost a lot of erogenous feeling in my breasts. That is good. For me, that is normal. I never have had erogeneous breast--just highly erogenous nipples, so it was driving me crazy to constantly get turned on by the constant touching of my own boobs (My torso is so fucked up, I can't lift my arm without brushing against the hated breast flesh). However, some Nazi doctor can't help but "create" his ideal, Barbie-doll woman, and so, the goddamned fuckers keep giving me these huge ass boobs--or maybe it is just an estrogen blast. I don't know. They will not be permanent additions to my body, and it alternately depresses and/or enrages me to look at them, so I just ignore them to the best of my ability.

However, there is no question that these occult motherfuckers are trying to present some depiction of Isis which I guess is supposed to mirror me. Those poor brainwashed satanists--they have no idea how bizarre and truly repulsive I found the entire presentation. I will give them credit for ransacking my brain--for I do have an unconscious dream image, filed away, of a mother holding a child's hand, but the dream had overtones of maternal love and solicitude, NOT that of a bizarre, brainwashed zombie.

I hate to dash the hopes of all these satanic, Isis/Amon RA devotees, but I am not Isis. I am not even a woman, something they may have figured out, because of all the anal secretions (no doubt caused by some implant) that I am experiencing. I guess they figure that if I won't fuck the MACHINE, vaginally, they will try to see if I respond anally. Well, I do have a very immature element in my psyche of a homosexual male (and I am working on a more complete understanding before I present it), but I can guarantee you, the problem is not with me--the problem is with YOU. I don't respond to evil, and I don't fuck machines, so that some non-organic life form can get off on my own orgasmic feeling. I know who and what I am sexually--I have said it over and over and over again, although some deluded fools insist on responding to my unconscious (which is incredibly rich and has a multitude of personalities, including that of the obedient child), instead of my conscious adult self. Apparently, I could get better control over these unconscious manifestations of personality if I learned to direct interdimensional travel, instead of being abducted by it. However, the problem, really is not one of ability, but trust. I believe that I was much more able to engage the interdimensional plane years ago, before the aliens poisoned my body with heavy metals and fried my brain on lithium. Now, they think that if they just keep chopping away at me, removing all my muscle, leaving fat, that I will be able to travel interdimensionally, but now I am so depressed with the state of my body, and I have lost all my natural energy (which came from my sacrum), when they chopped out my lower back and inverted my pelvis, that I truly have lost my own innate ability to initiate an adventurous undertaking. Hell, I can barely get the energy to clean my house.

Still, it is becoming obvious to me, that I am not going to be able to shake off these unwanted abductions, until I can master the interdimensional realm, so the question becomes who do I trust? For there are evil entities waiting to snap me up, the moment I leave this plane of existence. Do I trust the alien that is responsible for the mutilations of the last several months, cutting out all my muscle, destroying my self esteem (fuck Isis--I want my strong, powerful, muscular body back--and get rid of the goddamned boobs while you are at it)? How could such an advanced being not know the kind of damage that such a mutilation would cause in an intersexed being? How could anyone do such a traumatic violation of bodily integrity to another human being, without explicit and conscious consent? How could an advanced being not know that my hormonal and energy pattarns are male, and that by forcing me into a more feminine body, I would lose much of my energy, drive, mental abilities, and self-esteem--to the point of near death. If I hadn't figured out that my brain was shutting down due to a lack of testosterone, I could have gone into a coma, and God knows where I would be.

So, this is where I stand. I am glad I got it all out, because I expect this upcoming week to be very interesting. Obama overplayed his hand with the direct murder of the Navy Seals, and he and his reptilian patrons, are going to get a severe reality check soon--maybe starting this week. I just know that I need to get to the store and stock up on groceries. God watch over us--over this country, the Patriot Leadership team, and me.

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