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So, what really caused the East Coast earthquake?

So, what really caused the East Coast earthquake? Or, why every citizen in the country should be shaking in their boots or rocking in fury...

You know, when I first saw the Drudge headline about the earthquake, I was stunned for a nanosecond. Then I turned on the TV, and realized that really, the earthquake had been quite mild (I lived in CA for several years, and have some earthquake stories of my own, let me tell ya), so then I was relieved to the point of taking it too lightly. Later, I read Sorcha Faal's most recent piece. For many years, Sorcha Faal was the best cointelpro disinfo analysis targeted to reveal the truth on behalf of the good guys. That is no longer the case, but the material presented is still helpful, so I read it like I read everything, carefully, and with discernment. This was no deft, tongue-in-cheek piece written by a strong, supporting, clear minded and fully aware ally such as Sorcha I. This article by Sorcha II (who I already have identified as a military man) was written by someone who really, actually believed it!

According to the article, the reason for the earthquake was because the military used nukes to bomb underground tunnels in Mineral, VA and Trinidad, CO. This was necessary because (negative KaBal) Langley was using the tunnels to evacuate important materiel to another location. The presented theory was that the "good military" was trying to stamp out the evil CIA. It all made perfect sense, on the surface, even to me. I thought,"oh, so that explains that weird earthquake that really didn't damage anything". However, I never stop questioning anything in my head, and when I read another article, I thought, "Whoa, now that is the REAL scoop".

The article doesn't seem to really make a lot of sense, except to those who know that the negative KaBal feels compelled to telegraph their intentions in advance, and that is what this posting does:

Basically, it is a numerological/geometric mishmash of the sort that the KaBal loves to flaunt as code for their next mission. What I picked up from the article is that the nuclear explosions in Mineral, Va and Trinidad, Co, were actually preparation to artificially trigger the expected massive quake on the New Madrid faultline. In addition to Trinidad and Mineral, VA, the writer mentioned Mineral Wells, MS. Now, I want to say that I have brief, but memorable personal history in both Trinidad, Co and DeSoto county, MS. I also have a strong connection to Tampa Bay, FL, which is a town I am going to bring up a little later. So, I am feeling this particular post quite powerfully. My mind isn't working too well, in fits and starts. That is funny, because it was working fine, just a few hours ago, when I was doing the research into horribly catastrophic and penultimate destruction that the satanists are about to unleash. Oh, I get it--the military got all the info that they needed from my head while I was figuring this all out, and now they just want me to shut up and go to sleep, while they handle the crisis they have helped to create and exacerbate. Fuck that! I did that once before and unleashed an anti-Christ and a military coup by a bunch of satanists, powertrippers and ingrates. Hillary Clinton never had the kind of resources the military got, and she was never so monumentally DUPED. This is not an error in judgment. This is the result of a fundamental flaw in the way the military mind and character is trained and formed. They are formed to OBEDIENCE, not to critical thinking. They are formed to take quick action, not to ponder and debate options. This is the THIRD TIME the military has FUCKED THINGS UP ROYALLY, and it is because they are infiltrated and controlled by satanic elements, and they are so blind and compromised by their training and obedience, they can't even see it!

The first time was when they released an anti-Christ from prison--Allen Stanford, the second time was the mess in Libya. Being dutiful soldiers of Templar Faction 2, they moved to elevate Kaddafi to his new apotheosis (I think the Strong faction originally started the rebellion, because Kaddafi wouldn't play ball with them. He was loyal to the Templar Faction 2 movement which guided him every step of the way--helping him to find water, etc). However, as I blogged about the can of worms that the unfolding scenario would create, the special forces on the ground made crucial adjustments. Kaddafi is dead, but now they say he is alive, because he came down close to being resurrected by the same negative Sirian aliens that are plotting to blow away the southeastern corner of the US, so that they can re-raise Atlantis. They came up with some actor for his son that doesn't even look like him (wow! I wish I could have conversation with "normal" people, and try to gauge if they really believe all this double and acting shit). However, this third time REALLY takes the cake.

Someone in the military--probably Dempsey, but maybe someone behind the scenes is taking orders directly from the negative Sirians. Because it is the negative Sirians who want the long lost Atlantis resurrected, and this is what the big blow out at the New Madrid fault line will do. Salusa, in his last post or two, wrote about "minimizing the unfortunate destructive changes the Earth must face". Guess what? I think Salusa is a mastermind manipulator who successfully plays off one group against another. Whenever someone becomes too independent and uncooperative with the negative Sirian agenda, he finds a more amenable patsy--and right now, THAT PATSY IS THE MILITARY. Actually, the military has a long and sordid history of cooperating with these negative Sirians, but right now IN THEIR STUPIDITY, THEY HAVE PLACED THE COUNTRY IN CRITICAL DANGER. Hillary never had the resources those military people do, and she never made a hugely critical mistake in nearly unleashing unimaginable evil, not once THIS IS THE THIRD TIME THAT THE MILITARY COUP, UNILATERALLY, HAS DONE IT. Why? Because they are political ideologues whose idea of unimaginable evil is universal healthcare and prosperity for the masses instead of a concentrated few, while they kowtow and unleash demonic energies all across the planet. Well guess what? I happen to support universal healthcare and some other liberal agendas. I just can't abide the horrible framework of lies that underpins the drafting of any legislation, and undermines the effective policy making of any type or stripe as long as this evil alien corruption rules our country and planet. We will never get rid of this evil alien corruption until we are united, and a goddamned military coup does nothing but foster division and fracture, while imposing a monolithic dictatorship. No wonder why they keep making stupid mistakes...

I think that is what I really wanted to say, because for the first time, the words flowed. So, let me move on, briefly (because the remote viewers already got the good stuff from my head), as to this colossal third mistake the military made. They nuked the ground underneath Trinida and Mineral, Va. Both of these are mining areas. My guess is that both these towns have phosphorus/phosphates under the ground. For certain, DeSoto county MS does. Funny thing about phosphorus--the Rockefeller driven agricultural "revolution" dictates that farmers use a lot of phosphates, but this actually depletes the soil and food of nutrients, including sulfur, which is partly why we, as a nation, are so unhealthy and obese (see what I mean about the difficulty of drafting any kind of health care legislation when the LIES still stand). The other interesting property of phosphorus in the ground is that it is HIGHLY COMBUSTIBLE. I copied a little bit from a web page (sorry to the source for not noting you), Phosphates is "flammable when exposed to air". This breaks it down into "URANIUM" which then produces "RADIUM". Another interesting thing about phosphate mines is that they make a strange, haunting noise when exposed to the air that is so deadly.

Viewers of the conspiracy site will remember the haunting noise that spooked the fans at the Tampa Bay baseball game. That was air rushing into underground phosphate caverns, people. Florida is full of phosphates, which is probably why people hear so many spooky noises there. The KaBal intends to blow up huge tracts of underground phosphorus. I am very worried about Tampa Bay and Hurrican Irene right now. My ex-lover lives in Tampa, and I spent a week there, marveling at the beautiful, clear and warm water. I am afraid that the KaBal intends to blow huge areas of Florida to bits, while under the diverting guise of a lashing hurricane force. I already told you why they would do it. It is the first step in the long planned evil Sirian dream of resurrecting Atlantis. Florida and much of the Southeast coast has to disappear.

Let me tell you more precisely how they will do it. There are very evil human beings involved. While trying to figure out the "phosphate angle", I researched a fewcompanies, and I hit paydirt instantly. This part may be a bit sloppy, because my notes are a mess, and I don't feel like going back for verification. I uncovered a company called JDC Phosphates. Every single person on their board struck me as a satanist. I came across another phosphate company called CF Industries, which has phosphate interests in Florida and Mississipi. Nearly all of their board members struck me as satanists (one was 70-30 satanist). Then, I found another related company called Actuant, which "specializes in hydraulic and electrical tools, specialty products and services for energy related...." (sorry last word is missing, but you get the idea).

Now, I want to say most vehemently, I do not satanists under every bush or on every web page. I do have a highly accurate radar, and I am always rigorously honest and fair in my evaluation. I myself was shocked when I realized how overwhelming satanist these company and board people were. So, when I came across one photo that actually did not look overwhelmingly satanic to me, that of Bob Arzbaecher, I actually dug deeper. I saw a really good photo of him with a young man at a yacht club. I think the young man's name was Andrew Kerr--clearly satanic. In that photo, I knew that Bob Arzbaecher was a "passer", but there was no doubt he was satanist, as well. I kept clicking on links, and found that there were a couple of interesting boat capsizes/deaths in the July 18=July-23 period (and remember that July 18 through 23rd are high ritual days for sataniststhat need a human sacrifice--Amy Winehouse was such a sacrifice--I think her Dad is involved with some very negative people). Anyway, the July 18th capsize entailed the death of a man named Mark Morley, a rich heir from Saginaw. He was a satanist, too, as well as his dead girlfriend. Oh, and guess, who came to the rescue--why, Bob Arzbaecher. My guess is that Mark may have been a satanist, but he could not bear to see his country literally obliterated, so he was silenced, and his kids, who were with him on the boat at the time, got the message loud and clear: stay silent or die. (I'm so glad I am not a satanist. I would have died ten thousand deaths already). The July 23rd death is more mysterious--a boat from the Milwaukee Yacht Club (I think that club and the Saginaw Yacht club should both be seriously investigated) capsized offshore, but no victims were ever found. I have a sinking feeling the sailor (s) may have been offered as a human sacrifice on the night of 22nd (remember that was the night I was castrated--satanists love that date) in propitiation for success with the upcoming endeavor of the obliteration of huge chunks of the southeastern US.

So, getting back to the satanic endeavor...after Florida is essentially blown out of the water by phosphate conflagration during the hurricane, phase II goes into operation. They intend to combust the phosphate deposits in DeSoto county Mississippi--Mineral Wells. Now remember, these are huge deposits underground, and they release uranium and radon; also remember that a company specializing in specialty equipment is involved in this infernal scheme. They can literally blow up miles of lannd, covered by the Mississippi delta and the New Madrid fault area.

I have seen maps of the NWO America, as postulated should the Madrid fault line blows. It carves out most of IL and Indianan, most of KY, TN, and all of MS, LA, AR, and MO. The southern coastal states become islands.

One last thing, I want to mention regards George Soros and his recent purchase of land along the MS delta that was flooded earlier this year. Of course, the Mississippi was flooded on purpose, but why did George Soros start buying, "on the cheap", all that property, from the poor, struggling farmers who saw their entire years' planting, harvest, and income destroyed. Well, to understand why, you have to go back to 9/11, and all the corrupt Chicago insurance exchanges that enabled the KaBalists who conspired to attack America on 9/11. You see, I thought that Soros just wanted to artificially raise food prices in this country, just as he has done through his buying of food commodities, but I was wrong. Of course, Soros is a part of the Faction 2 conspiracy, and knows exactly what the KaBalists are planning, and that the land is designed to DISAPPEAR. he is betting that they can execute (literally tens of millions of people). He then will make an insurance claim for his property. Find out who is insuring George Soros' land purchases (and I bet there is a major run land property insurance along the aforementioned areas), and you can find out what other major conspirators are involved. Check out the work of the Abeldanger team, since they were able to forensically analyze the 9/11 RIP OFFs so accurately.

So, when do I think this apocalyptic conflagration will occur? Well, thanks to the military dictatorship, acting on bogus information or orders from a superior, who no doubt is under the influence of the negative Sirians, the nukes have softened up the phosphate deposits. (I think a geologist would be able to confirm that the nukes strategically caused fault lines to slip in critical places). I think Florida is targeted next (though I would worry about phosphate deposits anywhere along the Gulf Coast), Then, I think the "big boom" and Madrid quake could happen on September 5-7, as predicted by Richard Boylan, who is getting his info from negative aliens as well, but doesn't realize how duped he is.

However, I really suspect a 4 phase plan, rather than a 3 stage plan. Boylan predicts that the early Sept earthquake will take place in Appalachia, and I have remote viewer accounts of WV being ripped apart by natural gas explosions. What if Phase 3 is softening up more phosphate deposits by underground cataclysms in WV? You know, twice I ran across the town, "Mineral Wells, WV". Does the cabal plan to to set off mines/phosphates, or possibly a nuke earthquake there. Apart from a niggling feeling about Mineral Wells, WV (I actually wondered if that was the real epicenter, but I no longer think so), there is another thing that is really bugging me. George and Cindy Anthony, two prominent Amon RA satanists, are scheduled to go on Dr. Phil on September 13th. This has been planned since July. Now, there is no doubt in my mind they chose that day as a way to either celebrate a done satanic deed (anniversary of 9/11--of course they wouldn't choose the EXACT day), or to presage and gloat over an imminent satanic action. However, of one thing I am certain--that they know about this imminent plan, and they would not choose this date if a quarter of the country is destroyed, and the rest in mourning. So, I really think WV is next, and in mid to late September, DeSoto county. They could wait until Halloween...dunno, but IT IS IMMINENT.

There are a few other things I wanted to write about regarding this, but I am drawing a blank...maybe I will post more later.

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