Saturday, August 13, 2011

I knew that I was going to pay

I knew that I was going to pay for my loquaciousness yesterday, when I spilled out all my recent thoughts about the ancient Biblical Amelakites being the monstrous giants, who were the offspring of illicit sexual union between fallen angels (or Tall Whites or Agarthians) and humans. God put a ban of destruction on those beings because they were not only genetic monstrosities, they were sentient monstrosities with no sense of human identity or decorum. God also did the same with their livestock, because, I think the Amelakites were doing interspecies genetic breeding and splicing--this kind of contamination creates an abdominal mess of the gene pool, and can be literally harmful to humans who ingest it (and the same goes for the infernal genetically modified plant/crop life--how much more so with animal life?).

I also revealed that I think the underwater Sirians (which I am highly confident to identify as the tall whites or Agarthans), are also the ones behind the "law of admiralty" or "City of London". There is an ancient Sumerian/Babylonian tradition of a "fish goddess" whose name is Agarthi (sp?). This "maritime law" needs force to enforce it, and I think it comes from those tall Whites under the sea, and in other places, such as underground bases at Area 51. This de facto law of the aliens and their minions--most notable among them, Faction 1, Faction 2, the Jesuits, Opus Dei and sundry others--has sabotaged this nation's sovereignty, via a whole host of hijack mechanisms, including but not limited to, the Federal Reserve Board (F1), and the covert black operations by security agencies (F2) which have no real accountability to any government branch as provided by the constitution and laws of this land.

Furthermore, I blew the whistle on what I perceived to be collusion between these two factions at the highest level ("City of London", and sophisticated ops like 9/11). They also aim to work together for their nefarious, covert plans, for the future, such as electing leaders to high office. Such is the case with Barack Obama, who was F2 from the womb, having been genetically enginereed in the womb to be the New World Order "Akhenaton".

There are actually 2 wings of Faction 2, the Maurice Strong/Amon-Ra faction, which seems to be more liberal, and the conservative faction, associated with the likes of the Knights Templar, and currently led by Allen Stanford(unless they wised up and threw him back in jail).

These two are constantly engaged in perpetual warfare, yet they collude at the highest levels, come together to meet immediate objectives, then go back to war. I am a victim in all this--a complaining victim, but victim nonetheless. I know from my abduction experiences that multiple factions and cliques want a piece of me, but it is as if, the luciferians (devotees of RA), are sharing their spoils with the reptiles. I have felt for the past couple of nights that I am under reptilian attack. What they are able to do is get me into the reptilian interdimensional realm by activating/imprinting my DNA with frequency/electrical signals, that is carried through the medium of the virus. I don't know if this is happening serially--the luciferians get first dibs, then the reptiles go, or what, but I know I am in danger. I think that it is possible that the "Dog-identified Sirians (as opposed to the Cat-identified Sirians), are more in cahoots with the reptiles, for ever since an abduction which involved deep and painful brain implants, the canines have given me almost laughable respect, whereas before they were all barking at me. They bark at me when I have a "Cat" aura, a Cygnan aura (I think Osiris was their enemy) or another aura), and another aura.
There are little clues, nothing specific that I want to go into right now, that make me think the reptiles are trying to imprint onto my DNA/unconscious. I also am having my dreams tampered with by the luciferians of RA--more of the same old mind control lies about "Jesus" talking, etc, but I know Jesus too well to be fooled by these mind control lies. Interesting too, last night was dreaming of a hot dog all chopped up into little pieces, being cooked to feed someone--not me. My abductors (and I think the luciferian shit is done by Jesuit/Opus Dei types) most certainly don't want me exercising any kind of creative power as symbolized by my (castrated) penis; rather, they want to chop it up into little bits and feed it as pap to all the helpless psychological dependents who need a phony avatar to show them the way.

Anyway, the bastards did another cranial manipulation last night that has had me in pain nearly all day. They basically smashed in my lower jaw, making me look freakish with a domed forehead and no chin. Along the way they created a huge overbite and TMJ. I literally can't shut my mouth (how do you like them apples, assholes?), because the jaw alignment is so off, and I am drooling out the corners. In desperation, I pulled out a sports mouthpiece I had in reserve and tried to make a support for my jaws. However, the overbite is so large that the mouthpiece was too thin for my teeth to close comfortably! Worse of all, however, I am now suffering from infection on my right side, on both upper and lower jaws and in my ear. My lower jaw is the worst, with a huge knot under the teeth that are so sensitive that I cannot eat or drink on that side. Soon, I will get up and take some garlic, but I fear major dental work (multiple root canals) will be needed if this doesn't stop.

I also am warning everybody, that really evil beings are abducting me right now, so I AM NOT TRUSTWORTHY. If forces for the good abduct me, be careful to whom I have access, because I am sure that my I am psychic in my abduction scenarios, and I don't want a repeat of last week, when somehow I betrayed the Patriot Leadership Team/Clinton. I don't know how I did it, but I do know that I helped the Navy Seals destroy the vimana/Amalekites that killed our Navy Seals. I am not sorry that I did this. They were American servicemen murdered at the hands of the Manchurian actor-in-chief, Barack Obama, and I was happy to participate in a payback mission--especially if it keeps an enraged Seal unit from executing unauthorized justice. I don't give a fig what happens to Obama, though I do think true justice for a man beset by his delusions of grandeur and love of high living, would be life imprisonment. However, I do care about what happens to this country, and I fear the possible negative consequences which the cabal can wreak, should he be assassinated.

However, I am too spiritual a person and too free a character-- not to mention i an unabashed, unashamed, and UNCLOSETED LESBIAN, to ever feel at home in a military setting, with mind control ops in place, and the possibility of receiving dubiously directed orders So where do I go, what is my future? I don't know? I have sold out the person who I really believe can put this country on its right path to the future, and worse of all, I know that I could do it again. So, while I am diligent not to learn too much about what is going on (I tell myself to just "trust the process"; it is all going to be okay), I feel bereft of any inner connection or allegiance to any one group or clique or faction. As a matter of fact, I wonder if I can trust any of them, or is their vision of me (as an Isis like figure full of, diffusely beneficent, "warm-fuzzy" love) so antithetical to how I see myself--very much 3D, living a fully sexual, fully spiritual life, that I should actively resist any attempts by them to get me into interdimensional travel. Especially confusing to me is the dog/cat conflict I see going on...However, while I equally like both cats and dogs, I don't experience any real respect for my being and free will at the hands of either contigent.

You know, in some way, I feel sorry for the Sirians. They are in a bad spot with all the genetic changes done to them by the reptiles, which is why I guess they have no moral conscience issue with the systematic and prolonged brutal mutilation that they performed on my body. I know I have some of their genes, and I suspect that they think I was once one of them. I am not so sure about that, but clearly this is something I need to explore further. The more I can understand about myself, the better I can navigate this hell that is my life. For now, I have to try to stay positive and loving, even though I feel so bad with the virus pressure in my head and face, and unable to shut my jaws.

PS--just wondering? Why is my body so resistant to interdimensional travel? It is as if I came prepared in this body, every which way, to fight it--even if it has made me sick for over 5 years now. I know that, at some point, if I live, I do travel interdimensionally, but reflection on this, reinforces my paranoid, inner voice to resist it. There may be some genuinely well-meaning beings behind the push to get me to astral travel, but I cannot inwardly consent, until I feel safe, and being kept in the dark about what is really going on, does not make me feel safe. I know that there are "guardian angels" helping me with my pain at night--but who are they? Until I can know all this for sure, I cannot risk travelling to another dimension, where despite all best intentions and efforts, I am snapped up by the Dark Side. I have an evil spirit of deception in me, that may have been a deliberate Gamma implant done by the most sophisticated agents of either, or possibly both, the Jesuits and Maurice Strong. Until I am certain that is removed, I am not safe to travel interdimensionally. I prefer to suffer in the hell I know here in the third dimensional reality, without landing in an extradimensional hell of which I know nothing...,.

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