Saturday, June 9, 2012

PS to previous post

PS to previous post--just realized when I stood up from computer that once again, I was dripping wet, and it hit me that all the weeping moodiness I had experienced all night was the result of being force fed fucking female hormones once again. Sure enough I felt my body and felt the alienating, soft fat body that the female hormones put on me. Now I am not a weepy, moody person, but the female hormones depress me severely, which is why I cried all nite. Now i am crying because i know the goddamned faction 2 is going to be abducting and milking me for my frequencies once again. I cannot begin to express the extent of my horror and hatred of those sons of bitches, except for, of course, their goddamned Sirian partners who keep insisting I be female for them. wont happen. my life energy is very low right, and constantly getting milked, raped, abused, disrespected, and fed female hormones by those sons of bitches, makes it even lower. nothing for it. I am a slave, and right now, I am too fucked up on female hormones to do one goddamned thing about it, except to pray to God for death, rather than living this hell in servitude of these slaver pigs that I cannot stand.

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