Saturday, June 2, 2012

Variations on same themes.

Variations on same themes. First of all, I still am identifying and resolving bad karma from previous lives. I have been doing intense meditation--I feel like an novice monk--and all kinds of stuff keeps surfacing. Yesterday, it was the recovery of the memory of the past life as the Roman Emperor Constantine. Now, as with so many other Roman emperors, Constantine incurred a lot of bad karma through military campaigns and political scheming. He also murdered his wife (hmmm, wonder who that could be?). However, none of that qualifies as the worst thing he did. No, the worst karmic legacy that he left behind was his sell out to MACHINE-RA and the Tall Whites in exchange for power. The price he had to pay? Why, to compromise the fledgling religion, Christianity, which was growing by leaps and bounds.

You know, even before I admitted to the reality of reincarnation, I suspected that if it were true, I probably had been Constantine in a previous life. Now, there are a couple of good reasons for this, but the one I will share is the story of Constantine's "vision" of a cross coming out of the sky, on the eve of a battle in which he was overwhelmingly outmatched. He took the vision as a "miracle", and purportedly said, "By this sign, I will conquer". Hah! The cross he saw coming out of the night sky did not refer to the crucifixion of Christ, but rather was the constellation of the Southern Cross, which is where the Arcturians reside on a planetary body, acting as guardian to MACHINE-RA and the solar gatekeeper (lot of power in that sun). They also have usurped the role of gatekeeper for reincarnation, and in cahoots with the reptiles on the Moon, they now are responsible for genetic placement of souls, genetic manipulation and experimentation on about 5% of the human population. Of course, the more promising, "interesting" and accomplished the soul, the more likely the Arcturians will intervene in their reincarnational cycle. In short, Constantine sold out the Christian religion for alien patronage by the Arcturians.

How did he accomplish this? By turning Christianity into a monolithic empire religion, in which any kind of dissent was rigorously punished, Of course the first big step in accomplishing this was the Council of Nicea. There the Creed was formulated, and to show how absurdly disconnected from faith, this Creed became, a few centuries later, Eastern Orthodoxy and Western Catholicism split. The reason for this momentous schism? Dogmatic differences on whether the Holy Spirit proceeded FROM the Father and Son, or proceeded OF the Father and Son. Too bad, Latin is not like Spanish, for which this would be the exact same word--it could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, Hagia Sophia, and perhaps even Jerusalem and the Middle East for Christianity. However, dogma in its most fundamentalist form, becomes absurd, ridiculous, and spiritually deadening, and the Arcturians knew that full well, when they set up Constantine to make Christianity the nominal religion of the empire.

I also believe that Constantine was responsible for many of the negative elements that crept into Christianity in its early empire years, elements that I believe came from the ancient Persian religion of Mithraism. Roman soldiers traveled the globe over, and were pagans who had regard for most religions, but Mithraism especially appealed to their soldier ethos. It was hierarchical, patriarchal in the extreme, and ritualistic and cultic in nature. I will go so far to say that Constantine's patronage allowed the incorporation of a satanic elite and covert cult to flourish side by side with the pious faithful, who endured harassment and death for their beliefs. Great. In one incarnation, I inspire the founding of a great religion, and in another, I do the utmost to destroy it. Even Paul did not do what Constantine did--at least Paul was a true believer and man of faith and conviction. Constantine was just an opportunist, a religious blasphemer looking to turn a vibrant faith into a cult for mind control of citizens and slaves. I guess I know now why I have suffered so much at the hands of these religious blasphemers and zealots.

However, I made a mistake last night, and I did not "confess" my realization. Writing all this karmic history helps me honestly understand the full ramifications of my decision, and ask for forgiveness and penitential acceptance of these acts. I don't write about my feelings specifically (not very good at that), but in my heart and spirit, I am able to do the necessary work, while writing down the truth as I recall it.

I did not mean to "skip out" on this healing process last night. It was just another intense day, and I was too tired to post, as bedtime rolled around. I am awfully tired right now, too, but I learned from last night, not to go to sleep with unresolved karma hanging over my consciousness. If I don't deal with the negative karma consciously, then it will rear its ugly head in my unconscious, and it usually kicks my butt. That is what happened last night. I flipped over into the Amon-RA brain frequency again. Now, the "Italian" faction is very much influenced by the Amon RA vibration, and I am certain that Constantine would have been influenced by it as well. The Amon-RA virus makes you raging crazy, and I am certain that the virus played a part in the murder of his wife, who by all accounts, he deeply loved.

So yes, I flipped over into the brain frequency of my unaddressed and unresolved past life. The Italian clique gave me something, some kind of drug to facilitate the flip, and in my unconscious need to expatiate the guilt, I took it. They also cut on my sacrum and lower legs again, which has left my sacrum numb, and has me walking even more like a gay man--something I do not have worry much about anymore.

However, there has been a huge change in my brain. I can handle these low vibrational frequencies, now. At worst they annoy me, or make me feel alienated, though they still can get me riled up--but not raging, crazy mad as before. As a matter of fact, while doing my early morning meditation, I do believe that I engaged in some serious interdimensional battles, able to fight negative entities who also share the low Amon-RA vibration. Yeh, baby--if you get handed a lemon, make lemonade! So, I guess it was worth it, especially since the vibration no longer compromises my psychic integrity and boundaries. For the first time in years, I feel joyful again, like the world is once again, more good than evil, and more trustworthy than it has been in a long time. No, I do not like the Amon-RA virus in my body. I literally cannot stand the smell of it, but it no longer makes me so ill I can barely move. Instead, I can AND do fight back, and so there are three less cockroaches in the world this evening. Even as I write this, I am on some psychotropic drug, and it is driving me crazy, but I can handle it, I can deal with it. It is just damned annoying.

Anyway, the Amon-RA crowd didn't stop there...oh and one interesting feature about the ITalian clique. When I dream of them, I am always in a motel, never at home. No, they ut the same old whammy on me about sexual guilt and celibacy. Now remember, this is also the Vatican/Jesuit clique, and ever since Constantine, there has been this satanic, mind control element in the Church, and again, astute psychologists that they are, the Arcturians know that the best way to destroy spirituality is to destroy one's healthy sexuality, whether through abuse and/or guilt. Well, once again, PF came to my rescue--she knew that the Italians had destroyed my confidence in my sexuality. All I knew was that my meditations were dark, dark, dark in visual perception, and my body felt so heavy and tired. I thought that I needed a nap, but 15 minutes and an orgasm later, and I was a brand new man! Gone was the negative feeling that was just dragging me down, and when I closed my eyes, I saw light, not dark. I FELT light and airy, instead of heavy and sluggish. So, then it was back to more meditation.

I don't know how much longer this crazy flipping is going to go on--surely, I am running out of past lives, although I know that I have been reincarnating since the time of Atlantis, which was 12,000-13,000 years ago. The hassle and harassment is just constant. I went to go hear a lecture about the upcoming Venus transit by an astrologer and psychic, for whom I have great respect. Instead three turbocharged hybrids from Faction 2/3 came in as shapeshifters, including the psychic, C. Of course, I knew what was going on. C is a much better professional than the sorry replacement wearing her body. Instead, the whole presentation seemed to be psychological manipulation of me. Geez, do they really think that ham handed juvenile shit works on me?

I was really sad that I did not get to see C, but it turned out that I got what I came for in the first place--which was to try to figure out the KaBal's Plan B for the upcoming month, now that their HAARP weapon is destroyed. The goofy, juvenile boys got caught in their own game--for I READ Their MINDS!! Now, I would share the contents with you, but I have already downloaded the infomation into the heads of Patriot psychics, and so it is in good hands. I am not certain, but I think it has to do, with the deliberate eruptions of volcanoes in the ocean, perhaps Krackatow (sp?) in Indonesia, or the rising of the ancient Atlantean island in the Carribean/Gulf of Mexico, or ancient Lemurian islands near New Zealand and Australia. There is more, and if my memory recalls anything, I will be sure to post.

Now, I have unburdened my conscience. I hope I can get to sleep, and reverse this Amon-RA frequency.

PS--in the interest of full and humble disclosure, let me also say that Constantine not only murdered his wife, but apparently his unborn child, or maybe her unborn child. His wife Augusta, engaged in an adulterous affair, and she was murdered by hot bath, was was also an abortificant. I did not mention this, because I try not to reveal PF's negative karma. I feel like that is her business, and she needs to deal with it as heals HER. Also, I know when she feels badly about her past history, because I can telepathically sense it, and it makes me feel bad. Unlike me, she is a feeler. I tell the truth and it usually works for me, but she feels deeply when she uncovers negative karma about herself, and becomes pensive and even sad, and so I try to stay away from disclosing any more than I have,

However, the history of yet another scandalous tragedy between us, was resolved in the interdimensional realm, in our own way. Still, the damage had already been done, and the Italian/Am-RA clique used the episode to once again make me guilty about my sexuality. I am happy to say that it did not work for long...

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