Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ill and in near delirium

Ill and in near delirium from the drugs and female hormones, but still strong enough to fight back reptiles in the interdimensional realm (i.e., my fitful sleep and dreams). I think that the Amon Ra clique is now the faction claiming me, but I want nothing to do with them.

You see, I know that I belong in the interdimensional realm, and I have admitted that it is highly probably that I will need a "serpent implant" to make it work. That is one of the secrets of the occult world--that one can merge with a serpent being and take a shortcut to ascension. Now, from what I can tell, there are two basic types of this serpent joining--that of Amon RA, which is abusive, exploitive, and gives the humans who accept it an evil spirit. That is why the men of the Amon RA cult are so sinister and threatening--everything they do is designed to sexually intimidate. They also are the ones who engage in perverted sex orgies. The Amon RA types have the most sickening of evil spirits in them, sexual perverts, nearly the entire lot of them, humans, hybrids and aliens, and it gives the creeps just to be within 20 feet of one. Oh, by the way, this cult includes both the liberal wing of the Maurice Strong types and the conservative wing of the Templars. Ultimately, they merge with a negative, exploitive serpent being in order to serve the MACHINE-RA, which may be high sophisticated Artificial Intelligence, but which really is one sick pervert.

However, there is another serpent being which merges with humans in a positive and respectful way. You can see this in the series, Stargate SG 1. The difference in the two species can be seen in the contrast between the Tok'Ra ("against RA") and the Goa'uld. I would possibly consider merging with a beneficent serpent being, but I would NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, allow one of the Amon RA snakes near me. Apparently, that is what happened today during one of my fiftul sleep dreams. A serpent approached me and I chopped its goddamned head off with a sword.

I know now that all these drugs and female hormones are to make me weak and compliant, so that the Amon RA cult can have one of their evil reptile masters latch on to me and leech, but no matter how sick and weak I am, I still have enough spirit to recognize and fight evil when I see it. No matter how much I suffer, I must prevail--God knows how long this ordeal in hell is going to continue.

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