Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I hope someone can get this to my 3D family:

I hope someone can get this to my 3D family: My family thinks I am dead, and maybe, by conventional understanding, I am. However, my consciousness is still alive and aware, even if I am a ghost in "The MACHINE", and my heart still feels for my family, even if people think I am pretty cold in my relations.

I have had an insight that my genetic child, that is, born of one of my ova to my nephew and his wife, is desperately ill. As you all may remember, back in February, I was very concerned about this child, who was still in the womb. I don't know why my ova was used (is the mother infertile--that seems unlikely, unless it was done deliberately), unless it was a deliberate setup by the KaBal to produce another reptile queen. As a matter of fact, I was pretty sure that was the deal, when I received some sonograms and did some meditation. I wrote out my concern, and I think some things changed, among others, the baby's gender. I know that it was designated to be female, but it was born male. Thank God. I was so happy when I heard that. After all the hell that I have been through, having been born in an altered and WRONG bodily phenotype, I would not wish such misery on anyone, much less my own genetic child. However, all this tells me that the KaBal and the AmonRA reptiles were very busy trying to produce a hermaphroditic queen, much in the same way that they did me.

Anyway, for whatever reason, whether through positive or Patriot intervention, or sheer luck, the baby was able to survive birth and be born in his naturally ordained body. However, now he is very ill, and I think that he may be suffering from the same blood disorder that my natural, interdimensional children suffer from. The racists are not going to like to here this, but somehow, I think that a Caucasian gene factor in the blood is causing the illness. Now blood is not "racial" in a strict sense, and the various races can receive transfusions from different races. However, I think that in my highly unique DNA, with the huge range of chromosomal history, there is a conflict that causes a blood disorder, unless a blood transfusion of as pure of African blood as possible is given. In short, the White racists have got it all wrong--the "highest", "purest", "most Aryan" DNA needs a blood matrix of African, not Caucasian, origin to survive and thrive. My genetic child will not live unless this transfusion is given.

Now, I don't know if this transfusion has been given to me, although I suspect that it has (maybe the day I woke up feeling light), but I am pretty certain that it has been given to our natural children, born with primarily my DNA. Please somebody, make certain that this child gets what he needs--too many of my children are dying. I think that PF and I recently lost another daughter, and it was strange, because she was primarily Black in DNA and appearance, yet she suffered from cystic fibrosis, which is a disease that is passed on by Caucasian DNA. So clearly, there is medical history being introduced with our DNA and children, but life is life--it does not matter what color it is or what blood it is, and human life, and the life of a child, is especially precious.

If my nephew, a "good ole country boy" from Appalachia, blinks when told the child needs an African blood transfusion, tell him that African blood runs deep, very deep in our family. Tell him that is the entire reason our DNA is so special, that we have been subjects for occult genetic experimentation for centuries, is because of the depth of Black blood in our genes. Tell him that the Jackson 5 brothers are his uncles (in addition to the Brothers Gibb--he knows music runs in our family), and that he has multiple kin and cousins who are Black, who have been born directly from egg and sperm of family he knows, including me.

God bless and protect all my children, including the most recent one just born today. I love you all dearly, and long to be with you on Father's Day...

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