Monday, June 18, 2012

My enemies are growing more desperate

My enemies are growing more desperate as I grow stronger and become more self-aware, and thus increasingly able to thwart the hidden mind control weapons that they have used on my unwitting consciousness for years, now. They have no reason to feel cheated or surprised by my actions. They thought they "owned" me, that I was their slave; since they are slaves themselves, they just think that is the way that people are recruited into satanic community. At every step of the way, however, I have insisted that I am free, and I WORKED to gain and prove my freedom, which mostly has been a journey of discovering what gave these cruel, sadistic people and beings power over me. Well, learning th truth has been a process, which really is the only way for it to have been revealed, because if it had all come to me in one great revelatory shot, when I began this trip, well, I just wouldn't have believed it, and neither would have anyone else. No, the lies that obscure and surround not only my life, but our true history and true reality are so profound, outrageous, and even deeply evil, that they needed to be peeled back one layer at a time.

Knowledge may be power, but it is not freedom. I know so much more now, but I still am unable to fully cut free of the stranglehold that the KaBal has placed in multiple rings around my neck, beginning with the genetic manipulation and overturning of my own DNA and gender, while still an embryo. I am making another bid for freedom though, which really has angered them--that, and my recent coup in obtaining specialized food for my newborn Asian son. They were going to try coerce me into cooperation with their agenda, by the threat of his starvation, but someone (who in my dream, I saw as "Mr. Worf"--hope that doesn't offend him), helped me get the nutrients my interdimensional son needed. I am profoundly grateful to whomever "Mr. Worf" is. It was a good omen, a glimmering of response to what has been my hope and realization for years now--that I am never going to free myself from this KaBal slavery by myself, but will need help from others, a community, to do so.

I have kept saying it for years now, as well, that the KaBal can only control us, by separating us, by fostering fear of the "other", and then creating and maintaining artificial distinction between different groups of beings, when really we are all One. Predators need to be separated from the vulnerable, but other than that, we should all be happy and respectful of differences and free choice of self identity to live life as one sees fit. Instead, the KaBal has created a slave mentality in which too many are oppressed, enslaved, and fearful of the consequences of standing up for the rights, not only of themselves, but also of others. Yet it is only through such cooperation that beings for the Good can defeat beings of the Lie.

We must stick up for the rights of each other, because they will threaten and even kill innocent bystanders to get back at the strong resistor, who can fight back against them. That is what happened, yesterday. The KaBal, specifically the White supremacists or racists, who are huge players in the KaBal alliance, were furious with me and my choices, so I believe that they murdered Rodney King, as a symbolic gesture against me. Not only did he have an apropos surname, but he was an icon of victimization and successful (non-violent) resistance to forces of oppression. This is the second time that I have encountered the symbolism of a fallen "Black king". The first time was in my imagination, as I saw a fallen black king on a chess board, as the KaBal moved to make a huge MATRIX move against me. They have access to time line records as well. They know what a restoration of my original incarnational status of a strong, warrior Black man will mean for them and their future. That is why they set out to destroy that natural and foreseen future, while I still was in the womb, altering my gender and DNA, and creating an autism, which they hoped would cripple me permanently (the female gender is a strong vessel for containing a female soul, but to put a strong masculine soul in a female body is a set up for serious psychological and existential conflicts and lies). Then, they followed it up, with severely traumatic sexual and ritual abuse, including encounters with reptiles, cannibalism, and contact with a crystal skull.

I am sure that they would have preferred to just destroy my life from an early age, but even they know, that one cannot forestall or control prophecy that way. All that they could do was hope to turn me into their service. Now that they have failed, my situation becomes even more tenuous, although they continue with the same old, tired tricks. They flipped me again last night, or rather, they were able to flip the switch in my brain that gets me to self-identify as female. I am recognizing the changes though. When I am flipped to be female, I lose all my self-confidence, and become melancholic and fearful. Knowledge is power. Now, that I can recognize what is happening, I can fight back. However, knowledge still is not freedom--still working on that...

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