Friday, March 5, 2010

Feeling compulsive, but, thank God, healthier

March 4, 2010

I’m getting a little bit scared as I peruse the conspiracy web sites. I just sense that the luciferians are getting cocky, despite the big victory for the good guys last week. Basically, we turned their own weapon against them. I don’t know how the fighters for humanity did it, because I don’t think that we are in possession of the Nazi earthquake technology to which they have access. My initial thought on the matter is that the great victory for freedom and humanity was the result of some intelligence and/or military agency operative(s) “flipping.” Maybe it was part of the F2/ONI/”Nebraska Navy”contingent (there have been some very interesting articles about the vilification and removal of a Navy commander—Holly Graf—and a “race” between the USS McCain and the USS Cowpens, but I have no time to follow through on these tangents). I am beginning to feel compulsive, as though humanity is running out of time, and in my intellectual arrogance, I hopefully cling to the belief that if I can understand the deviousness of the unfolding evil, I can somehow prevent it. Secularist humanists would scoff at me, and call this “magical thinking,” but I believe in the power of prayer, even though I do recognize that true prayer is not the passive petition that babies in the faith present. While everyone begins as a “baby,” the mature prayer of someone who progresses in the spiritual life, is highly active, requiring effort, work and often, emotional pain, and it is the ardency and perseverance of that effort and work that bestows success.

Well, I am “working it.” I begrudge every free moment I take for myself. My house is a mess, and I’m eating “hot pockets” and fast food carryout as I attempt to salvage every possible minute for “working” on the problems that occupy my head. It is very frustrating that I have to spend valuable time trying to figure out how to work this limited 90’s technology I use, and how to bypass all the problems that the spyware creates. But I have no time to waste railing against the limitations I endure. Soon the implant downloads will kick in, alternatively causing me to sleep or to be so wired and autistic as to be non-functional. I have disks full of offline web documents that I brought home to read. I want desperately to write more about contemporary politics, the validity of responsible liberalism, and to clarify and inveigh against the disinformation campaign smears that are strangling the individuals in power who most efficaciously are fighting the “Beast.” I want desperately to write more about my own spiritual position, and most especially, my independence from the contemporary, anemic, institutional churches, and tie that into insight from a “recovered” understanding of Christ. But politics and religion, while vastly important, rank behind survival, and it is survival of the planet and humanity that motivates my writing now.

For my intuitive feelers are picking up that the luciferian Nazis are about to make a couple of big moves. Ultimately, our adversaries, at least on the human plane, are Nazis, though they are backed by extraterrestial entities. That is why I was told in a dream to read Mein Kampf, and why several years ago, I had a powerful dream about Nazis capturing my lover and myself. I have been longing for a little bit of extra time to research and answer my own question, “What is the difference between a 32nd degree Mason (FDR) and a 33rd degree Mason (Truman), because I now believe that Truman was a fraud and TRAITOR put forth by the freemasons. I also suspect that FDR’s death was intentionally and homicidally hastened by these same powers, even though he already was a dying man. Without a lot of research into it, I think that FDR would have been more reluctant to use the atomic bomb—as a veterano, he certainly would have had a lot more credible authority in surrender negotiations with the Japanese. However, for the Nazis and their evil agenda, the release of the atom bomb was important, because it would destroy Earth’s protection, “the revolving sword” that God put around us to prevent a repeat of abusive “edenic control,” from other dimensions.

Also, I am confident that FDR would never have collaborated with the Nazis in any form or manner, as Truman did, by creating intelligence agencies headed by, and riddled with Masons and/or Nazis. One could argue that Truman was ignorant, rather than malicious, having sold out his soul in unquestioning obedience to luciferian powers, and I don’t know enough to pass judgment or muster defense. But I do know that FDR was much too perceptive to ever let that happen. He would have been too aware to be hoodwinked, and too invested in the struggle against Nazism to have allowed it.

I suppose that I should defend my use of the word, “Nazi,” but this is not the place. I use that word because I believe it to be definitely and unequivocally true, and because I want people to understand the completely evil and depraved nature of the adversary we are up against. Aided and abetted by alien entities, they are in possession of a top-secret technology, “scalar technology” (read Joseph Farrell) that is a true superweapon. Not only could it bring down the World Trade Center Towers 1 & 2, (no, Virginia, two jet planes couldn’t bring down those massive two towers), but also, it is capable of inducing weather weapons, such as hurricanes, our current winter from hell, and most deadly and scary of all, earthquakes.

Earthquakes are a deliberate part of the Nazi agenda. As incredible as it seems, they have a romantic, idealistic attachment to their understanding of history—going back as far as Atlantis and Lemuria! They feel compelled to raise those millennia-sunken islands as their future world. To do this, they are creating earthquakes, both by deep oil-well drilling and scalar technology all over the planet, getting the tectonic plates to stress, release, and shift. I hope that somewhere, the good guys are monitoring these daily earthquakes and can figure out the pattern.

Would it matter? Look at Brazil. They are refusing to engage in sanctions against Iran. Why? Because these Nazis, in an effort to create terror and international discord, are deliberately backing wanna-be-nuclear rogue states, especially Iran and North Korea. Are Brazilians Nazis or a rogue state? No, they are just greedily self-centered. For George Soros (funded by billions of American taxpayer dollars, thanks to Barack Obama’s deliberate bypass of Congress—did I mention that Obama is a proactive partner and stooge of the Nazis) is “drilling for oil” off the shore of Brazil. Actually, his purpose is to help destroy the planet’s landmass, as we know it, through massive seismic upheaval, but for Brazil, it is a windfall—energy resources being mined at the expense of the American taxpayer. How George Soros can continue to get away with this, after being one of the prime players in the destruction of the American economy, is inconceivable to me. But destroying the American economy, as horrible as it is, does not compare to the thought of the entire state of California being wiped out. All the “psychics” and channelers who “see” a North American continent sans California are being fed disinformation, but it certainly is a likely possibility if the Nazis are not stopped.

Even scarier to me, because I’m just now picking up on the “web chatter” about it, is my fear that the Nazis are getting ready to “torch the sky.” That phrase comes from the movie, The Matrix. I know that movie is trying (behind an editorial smirk), to tell us what will happen, and there is a section where Morpheus tells Neo about the sunless, dark sky, and how nobody was really sure how it happened. Well, from the web chatter, I suspect a North American HAARP “accident.” Hopefully, somewhere we have effective and trustworthy intelligence and military operatives who can counter this plan. However, the luciferians seem very smug. I fear another scenario, similar to what happened on 9/11. David Hawkins has given a brilliant analysis of exactly what happened, on Greg Noory’s coast-to-coast show (the transcript is available from him) or download the podcast from the Rumormillnews radio (Interestingly enough, the host, a truly intrepid woman, suffered from a heart attack at the beginning of the show—truth purveying is an occupational hazard in 21st century America). The most disturbing element of his analysis is the sophisticated sabotage already in place at multiple levels. The Air Force was completely unable to respond because they were fooled by communications sabotage (helped along by Dick Cheney, I do believe). The airplanes had their gyroscopes altered, so that not only was the “kill switch” disabled, but the plane could maneuver on automatic pilot via computer command. Who was responsible for these altered gyroscopes? The manufacturer was Boeing! A while back, I was irritated to learn that American civilian plane parts were being manufactured in China. I thought it was an asinine security risk and couldn’t believe it. Now, I wonder if this outsourcing was a successful end run around against attempted regulatory control by the government to ensure this gyroscope tampering never happened again. Anyway, this manufacturer tampering and sophisticated sabotage is so disturbing because if they could get away with it at the level of 9/11, they can get away with it “to torch the skies.” Damned, it doesn’t help that we can’t trust the very corporations (infiltrated by Nazis and/or Masons at high levels), who the American taxpayers have made successful and prosperous.

Another way they can torch the skies is through massive amounts of volcanic ash. I agree with David Hawkins that Maurice Strong (the big buddy of George Soros and Barack Obama) is ultimately responsible for the manipulation of increased volume of volcano ash (and cooked climate change data) through the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center. Volcanic activity and eruption are important components of the seismic reconfiguration of the planet, and I know the scalar weapons can cause massive eruptions. I especially worry about the big volcano in Indonesia—(Krakatow??). But volcanic eruption has completely darkened the sky for entire seasons before. It would be easy to happen again.

Why would these Nazis want to “torch the sky?” I have a couple of theories. First of all, it would darken the planet and sun, and this would have a profound negative impact on the psyche of the population. I think that their ultimate goal is to separate our sense of self from material reality—Earth and body—in order to be more easily deluded by their false mental and holographic projections into a ‘dreamtime’ reality.

Also, it could easily necessitate the abandonment of the surface of an uninhabitable planet surface so that the only way to survive would be in the underground cities the black ops people have spent hundreds of billions of dollars to build in the past two decades.

Finally, I wonder if a torched sky is a protection mechanism from possible intervention by God and/or His angels. The overlords of the Nazis have plans for Earth, and getting fried by a CME could really upset those plans. One thing I know for sure—Satan hates the Earth and humanity, and unfortunately a lot of people who also hate their own self and humanity are in power. So God help us, and all the brave men AND women who are fighting tooth and nail, and sacrificing their careers, and their citizen’s blood and property for us. Amen.

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