Sunday, March 21, 2010

So very drugged

So very drugged, that I honest to God dont know how i got here, dont know how my shake fingers can type. i have to keep eyes shut, i should not have driven here. severely autistic, cannot look at any moving object, must only keep eyes on front of reoad. came because had things to look at. but am too fucked up to think. i just pray God gets me home safe. so sick of being drugged. is it better than the neverending pain. i go to bed crying every nite. last nite no exception. dreamed last nite tony soprano was brutalizing me and nothing i can do about it. yep, some goddamned 33rd degree freemason/satanist piece of mafia shit is brutalizing me with psychotrpic drugs. nothing i can do nothing i can. do . except suffer.

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