Sunday, April 11, 2010

Further thoughts on the previous post's dream

Further thoughts on the previous post's dream...
First of all, I have to say that I am feeling a lot better today--obviously the Haldol has been lifted, which is a good thing, considering the hate stares that I received yesterday as I went about routine tasks with a jerky walk. A lot of people really are mean and hateful to the mentally ill (although I did get one solicitous comment--"Are you OK?), and yesterday I clearly looked like psychotic.

I've been thinking on that dream of being in a convalescent home, with the suffused colored-light-bulb and Christmas tree glow of the satanic themed movie, "Eyes Wide Shut" that I recently watched. There is no question that despite the ostensibly warm and colorful glow, that it was linked to a satanic party (I wonder if I will ever be able to get over the creeps, if I experience that environment again, in reality. I now realize the prescription, "to be sedated with Haldol," which was written upside down, is another clear indicator of the satanic agenda. For satanic ritual inverts all Christian symbolism, for example, displaying an upside down Cross. When I worked at a group home for disturbed youth, I was taken aback by a teenager asking me if I were a satanist. I looked at him funny, and said "What would make you think that?", and he replied, "because your crucifix (necklace) is backwards. That's the way they wear it." I looked down on my chest and sure enough, the youngster was right. In my careless dressing, I had inadvertently put my crucifix on backwards. So I immediately repositioned my necklace, and ever since, have been obsessive compulsive about making sure my crucifix is positioned correctly (before, when it was on backwards, I would just think of a picture I once saw of the Magdalen embracing Christ on the Cross and ignore it).
So the dream tells me that the responsibility for the psychotropic drugs lies with a satanic cabal, not just this most recent incident, but probably all the drugging that I have endured for years. I've also changed my mind about the signature on the prescription, "Sr. Janelle." I no longer believe that Sr. is an acronym for Sister but rather for the Spanish Senor, an acronym for Mister. Because it is a Sr. and not Fr. or Pr., this is a layman, and because of the Spanish (or Italian), I suspect Opus Dei, which is the primary apostolate in which Catholic laymen can attain to high ecclesiastical power. They also are heavily represented by the Spanish population because their founder was a Spaniard (one really sick puppy himself, Jose Escrivas). So now my interpretation is that the satanic cabal which is behind my drugging, behind MJ12, Nazi and extraterrestial liasons, illegal treaties and human abductions (and let's not forget JFK's assasination) is the same satanic cabal that has infiltrated high positions, most prominently in the Jesuit Order, but also in the Roman Curia and hierarchy, all the way to Pope Rat! Because Ratzinger, as Pope, is undeniably the head of the satanic cabal now, I really believe that he is the man most directly responsible for my years of suffering. I have wondered on that for years, ever since I had that dream of him wearing sneakers and evaluating me, but I hated to make such a "delusions of grandeur" leap. But I most emphatically believe it now, and Rat got some Opus Dei psychiatrist to sign off on the presctiption out of stupid blind obedience, and voila, I suffer. I don't really suspect that Opus Dei member are filled with satanic evil, but I think their unquestioning obedience and brainwashed convictions (which is the opposite of true faith) makes them perfect, if unsuspecting tools for the evil, satanic cabal.

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