Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Body ravaged by pain

Body ravaged by pain-severe muscle spasms makes it hard--hurts--to even lift fingers to type. Hurts spasming back muscles. Hurts to breathe, cant draw in a full breath--muscles spasm. i know writing does no good. motherfuckers responsible for thsi are sadists, and pain is just another tool in their mind control agenda and aims. also finally realized that the funny smell of urine is ketoacidosis, that and ammonia--not at same time. my body is literally eating own muscle, fat and proteins. poor body. i am so sorry that you have to endure this torture. STEADY STRAIN. one day you will be dead or free of these goddamned fucking pigass assholes. lets hope that freedom and death dont coincide thru necessity, but if they do that is fine by me. does no good to stay here--they fuck with me in bed, at computer, watching tv. they like giving pain.

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