Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holy week hell

Holy week hell as I struggle just to function with these goddamned brain implants. Totally prevented from any kind of holy intent or contemplation, even of the most secular nature, such as happens when reading poetry. I have to stare at the satanic sheen in my eyes every time I look in the mirror, and too often I see it on tv on the glazed soulless eyeballs of politicians who have sold their soul to be part of the "New World Order." I have to try to keep my faith in my heart. My God knows that I am not free to worship, to pray, to be alive, to be human. I read today in one of the alien propaganda sites that "homo sapiens won't exist in 100 years." Well, if living life as I have lived it ever since the brain implants were put in me, is the future of humanity, then yes, homo sapiens is better off extinct. But as long as I am alive, I have to fight for the right to be human. Unfortunately the drugs just take too much out of me. Depressed. Wonder how much longer this hellish life will continue.

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