Friday, April 17, 2009

Congratulation pos's

Pain is a 9 of 10. figured out what is problem with knees. edema. swelled up like a half tennis ball on the top of kneecaps. cant stamd. camt walk. cant bend knee. pain in all joints shoulders ribs lower back butnot too bad in fingers. i hope this edema doesnt trash my knees. who gives a fuck. maybe i should just be in weheel chair resto of my life. migraine symptomology again. on psychotropic that causes the dry migraine. back is fucked fucked fucked. i havent been to dales class in over a week, and her class is a big reason-67%, the other 33% is teri, why my back stays in shape. am worried that df wants to fire her. i will be fucked if they do. had some sweet sub who just didnt have that yin yang, andrygonous fully human energy like dale and teri--way too much feminine, soft, and gentle. no challeng. also the class was barely over an hour. i need the hour and half classes to fully stretch. it doesnt matter. i a.lready am planninf ofr the worst. too sick to care about yoga anyway. i hope to go tomorrow. dont know if i can not if i cant walk. to bed heating pad. pain pills and God have mercy IHS--a sign I stand under if the corrupt, fraudulent imposter thug I voted for wont. I guess symbolism matters to me after all. I thought i would be happy if he just shucked and grinned and dressed snappy for gq and essence. i was wrong.

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