Thursday, April 16, 2009


Swollen ankles, swollen belly, a swollen esophagus (reminds me of the consequence of trying to take alpha lipoic acid for neuropathic legs). My legs are dead again, but not to the painful level of swollen nerve damage that occurs when this swollennes continues for more than a day. I will try to walk later but I have to admit that it is getting harder and harder to exercise when I am in such constant pain and misery. I just finised a Malachi Martin novel which confirmed a suspision that I have had for a while--Pope John Paul II suffered from psychotropic drugging--and heavy metal poisoning and psychotronic brain implants (no doubt Ratzinger was the official Vatican liason at the time) ever since his hospitalization after the attempted murder. Why is that important? First of all, I always remember how JP2 literally shrunk as a aman and vital force--the goddamned psychotropic drugs cause Parkinsonian symptoms and destruction of the body. I have to fight against that, as surely as I fight against the inability to enter the contemplative state and talk with God, and not some goddamned voice to skull technology, in order to maintain spiritual integrity. I have 2 advantages JP2 did not--I am not a patriarchal male who is out of contact with my body--I "know" what is happening to me and can rage, however ineffectually against it. I am able to put faces and names to the "unspeakable evil that has infected the highest levels of global economic power, political office, and institutional religion (not just the Vatican, but I also think of the Archbishop of Canterbury who is a complete fool, though not evil on the magnitude of Ratzinger).

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