Saturday, April 11, 2009

Up and about today

Up and about today but nowhere near healthy. Drugged to the point of near dsyfunction. My back and neck and shoulders are tender from being locked up while I spent the last three days in bed. Worse of all, my stomach is not digesting. It has been steadily getting worse since Tuesday. I ate a salad and two 4 oz bowls of soup about 5 hours ago, and my stomach is still tender and swollen from eating (and I didn't even eat to excess-- my belly could not take it). I still am regurgitating from the lunch over 5 hours ago, and I delicately sip tablespoons of water, because my belly can't even take water. I don't know what the fuck these goddamned idiots are doing to me now, but it is causing nothing but misery and pain.

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