Thursday, April 2, 2009

One drugged up day from hell over--another on way

One drugged up day from hell over--another on way. Ydsterday total loss. unable to do anything but lay in bed. today too. too sick to open my eyes. cant lift head or even walk. i am certain that this renewed assault has to do with the ufo incident over va on sun nite. the one everyone is denying. never fails to amaze me how stupid we are. this country is being sold down the river by a truly monstrous evil, and no noe well very few people are getting it. i think the danbed ufo was another weapon for obama to sell this country into slavery, and boy does he enjoy it. what a sick warped personality he is. Now all they need is a false prophet. but it aint me babe. i would rahter suffer and die than be part of your evil plans. i just am sorry that i am too sick to speak out more forcefully and clearly. so instead i spend my days in bed askin g God to let my suffering to be used to support those people who are in a position to save the freedom and liberties of our once great nation. They know who they are. May God give you the strength to succeed , since such strength has been denied me. i know of nothing to do but lay in bed and suffer. too damned sick to do anything else.

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