Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Always winter and never Christmas"--

"Always winter and never Christmas"--that is how CS Lewis described the land of Narnia under the reign of the evil witch. Well, the evil witch is looking to extend her reign to planet Earth. I have been sick and barely functional all day, struggling to get up and do what had to be done (like appearing before a kangaroo court on a ticket), but I realize now that the amplification of the implants and psych drugs in me is retaliation for last night. What happened last night? Joy. Sheer, pure, unadulterated joy as I listened to a gospel CD by Mahalia Jackson (it's been a long time), and responded through spirit and vocalization in praise and gratitude. Yep. I've figured it out now. What my tormenters hate most of all is joy--"Christmas in the midst of winter" that has become my life. Already today, I have had to turn off my music radio--the sounds make me sicker instead of invoking the normal response of spiritual and emotional exhilaration But that is okay. I know my birthright and heritage is joy and music and song, and even though I am so sick now that I can barely lift my fluid filled head, I will keep my joy safe in a hidden spot where I may not be able to enjoy it, but I can protect and preserve it.
Anyway last night I recognized the anxiety and fear that has become so much of my daily nightime routine. Even more importantly I could recognize the clear manifestation of demonic spirit in the room with me. I never said that before, and even now am reluctant to share the tell-tale evidence that led to the conclusion. I always thought that the drugs created the anxiety and stress in me, but I now realize that it is, from a spiritual perspective, nothing more than a demonic assault, and I just gotta hang in there. God will rescue me in Her or His own good time, and even if it is the hour of my physical death, God will come. In the meantime I have to force myself to act even if I am so sick I can hardly move. Merry Christmas, everyone, and God bless each and every one of you!!!!

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