Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Unimaginable suffering

Unimaginable suffering as once again is uffer from headaches and the unbearable stimuli of any sort. I had seizures last nite before dropping off to sleep. always thought the vibrations i had wass just stymied energy, and of course the fucking opus dei idiots who torture me think its a psychotic manifestation. but they are not. they are honest go Gid seuzyres and i got a badly bitten tongue to prove it. happened whil i was relaxed trying to sleep. alsoam having the severe brain rushes--like electrical jolts again--first time in long time. as sick as i am i have to get some t ylenol pm. i cannot sleep with these brain rushhes. i know something is going on with brain stem. other symptoms to prove it but i am too goddamned sick to go further. "Fuck you ratzinger, and the horse you rode on" Signed a proud free woman gooing through unimaginable suffering caused by chemical torture of low lide Nazis who dare to call themself christian (oh and lets not forget their political counterparts)

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