Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drugged and sick beyond belief

Drugged and sick beyond belief for the third day in row (I was drugged monday but i was well enough to take a three hour tes). I cannot function. My head is so heavy it feels like three times its normal weight. Headache I wont even complain aobut. Im suffering too much from others. I cant read. I cant watch tv. Autistic again. I cant bear any stimul but esp peoples faces. I realize i am just a thing to the security agencies which are responsible for this shit. Been a long time since i have been a human beign. but the political atmosphere and leaders in this country do not know what a human being or freedom is. Shit rolls downhill. sucks to be me--a human being who once knew freedom. Too sick to continue. I wish there were a gun in this house. I wish anything to put self out of this goddamned misery pain and suffering. i am less than an animal.

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