Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Desperate to remove excess csf fluid from body

Desperate to remove excess csf fluid from body--hurts to hold head up and cant stand to look at my swollen red face in the mirror or at my grossly swollen ankles and hands (no feeling in my hands , just like there is none in my legs). Unfortunately, I made a boo boo. I took a diamox I had stashed for the imaginary time when I would find a civil rights lawyer to take my case. I knew it was tainted but I was willing to trade off for the medicine. Instead the diamox was tainted with the same goddamned shit that makes me sick and I dont think there is any efficacious anti-diuretic medicine whatsoever. On top of that DIgestive problems amplify. I had bought some alpha lipoic acid otc in an attempt to relieve the severe neuropathy in my legs. Instead I found that the ala tabs just increase the bloatedness in belly and the stuffy congestion in my espophagus and upper stomach that makes it hard for me to even breath. In short I am fucked up miserable. but whatever drug was in the diamox it is making me sleepy. after the hell from last nite i could use a good nits sleep. its just so hard to sleep when there is so much csf in head. have to try.

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