Friday, February 6, 2009

Woke up this morning truly feeling like

Woke up this morning truly feeling like shit, like death, like hell, well like I am started to be drugged on psychotropics. In addition to waking up after a tossturned light, light dreamless, and most unrefreshing sleep, I am not only in severe muscular pain from the implants but once again my eyes cannot bear any stimuli. This means psychotropics. SO sick of this shit. Sick of suffering sick of pain, but nothing I can do but endure it. I wont read this morning. In a few hours i will be totally nonfunctional, not able to do anything but lay still with a sheet wrapped round head. this means i have to get everything possible donw--check out printer, wash dishes. startt now tita, I dont know how long i will be able to last. i dont know how long vefore i have to take fiornal for headache

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