Monday, February 2, 2009


Resentful--hell yeh I am resentful. Second day havent been able to get up due to psychotropic drugs. Cant even drink coffee--the sure sign to me that I am too sick to go towwork when I can drink coffee. aTried yesterdaya--drank half cup Not even able to try today. Unable to watch sb yesterday. Going to go back to bed since i am too sick to do anything. Yeh i am resentful. I am resentful too of the two mind reading students who I have probably to thank for this mess. Such stupid asses alienated rfrom reality that they cant recognize what goes on in my head--a rehash of memory to try to look for clues, and a mental impression of obaama that was directly tied to the cnn broadcast i was watching while working out. But the dear little wannabe mind reader had absolutely no idea (I know I paid more attention to her than she did me) of what I was watching on tv. That is the difference between a neurotic, alienated mindreader and a healthy functioning one. I was totally attuned to outward reality while part of my attention engaged the imaginative meanderings in my head for clues (and the image that shocked the poor naive little mind reader was a subliminal image that the evil puppetmaasters purposely placed at the beginning of the third debate to subliminally coerce voters. Of course I wsnt coerced; just outraged at the contempt withc which obama and his puppet masters hold the American voter and population. Well congratulations asshole doctors. Today, like yesterday you have succeeded in alienating and separating me from reality. All I have now is my unconscious meandings.

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