Monday, January 5, 2009


FUCK Y0U GODDAMNED ASSHOLES-=-IM tired of suffering because you goddamned motherfuckers wont give me my life. i am sick o0f being put on goaddamn lithium and goddamned arisperdo;. i wish to fuck i coulfd get my fucking hands on your fucking stupid psychs and priests behind this shit. as it is i have no sensation in arms or legs. eyes wont open and when they do they shut to keep out stimuli. full of the rage and suicidal mood swings that can only mean lithium. non functional rightr now. I am tired of being treated like shit. I am sick of seeing the goddamned Christians smile in my face. I want nothing to do with you, you goddamned abusive fuckers. Leave me alone. Not able to do antyhing. Afraid of how much weight i am going to gain this time around WISH I WERE DEAD GOD IF YOU CAN HEAR GOD TAKE ME HOME AWAY FROM THESE GODDAMNED TORTURERS. PLEASE GOD TAKE ME HOME

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