Sunday, January 11, 2009

Incredible pain

Incredible pain--I am high on my own self-producing brain chemicals as it tries to block the pain (and very likely permanent damage) now done to my right hip by the goddamned torturers. There is nothing I can do to escape the pain, and now I can feel the nerves all involved--nerves on the right side of my knee and nerves going the entire length of my left side of my right leg all the way to the outside of the big toe. Great--how nice to know that I spent years fighting to keep my injured lower right back and hip healthy just to have it all destroyed by these fuckers and their totalitarian stupidity and disregard for human life. Despite every effort I have made in the last two days to stretch out the muscles going into the hip, I have gone from not being able to walk 3/4's of a mile for a constitutional to not being able to walk even in my own home. I have to drag the right leg with the foot clubbed out, and even then the pain is fantastic to the extreme. I cannot even stand up straight--the pain in the pelvic girdle is unbearable, and I immediately and involuntarily buckle. I cannot get into my own bed, as I can not lift my right leg up to saddle into the bed nor can I put any pressure whatsoever on the right leg to try to saddle the left leg up. Just what I needed==permanent hip problems and pain. All this caused by the massive push done by the emf and speed dope dealers just because I started to get a little closer to the truth. Well congratulations assholes--you've destroyed my body and left me in chronic pain.

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