Monday, January 5, 2009

Very very sick

Very very sick--too sick to even try to figure out what kind of drugs I have been given. Clearly mirapex is gone, as my belly is bloated and have lost all appetite. Least of my worries though as once again i am suffering from migraines and cannot bear any kind of stimuli--easier to leave eyes shut. Horrble migraine last night I took pheregan, but even that had been tampered with. Today I am too sick to functrion. just want to lay in bed with eyes shut. so sick of this shit God. so sick. Interesting dream last night--dreamed of AD--second night I have dreamed of AD. She told me to take calciumtrex. I looked up calciumtrex on the web--it is a food given to live prey of reptiles (shall we say reptilians? sure why not) to better nourish the reptiles. I guess that my calcium lack really hinders the harvest nurtured by and created for the implants for their masters, so they keep giving me psychotropic drugs that make me sick to the point of nonfunction in order to increase their yield. Fuckers. and you think i will cooperate with you?

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