Sunday, January 11, 2009

So fucked up on whatever psychotropic drug

So fucked up on whatever psychotropic drug these piece of shit assholes gave me that once again I am not seeing fACES (on the internet) normally. Great fucking job assholes. Not enough that you make it impossible for me to function, that you fuck up my body you just arent satisfiedc till im a fucking psychotic wreck like you evil sons of bitches. I was going to go tothe hospital tomorrow beczause i am in constant pain and cannot stand or walk but as nite as progressed irecognize sam old lithium symptoms--walking to smash shit, scream hit, rage , and mutilate myself, so i am now all worried that i will fuck up tomorrow and endsup in psych hospital (and never get out BECAUSE GUESS WHAT YOU EVIL FUCKERS--II WILL NEVER BE ONE OF YOU--AND I KNOW WHAT YOU DO TO GOOD PEOPLE, MORAL PEOPLE, HEALTHY PEOPLE WHO KNOW THE TRUTH). nope doesnt look good for me, but guess what inside you cant break me. got to sleep on it --expect another nite from hell--i cant even sleep in bed because i cant get in bed. FUCKING GODDAMNED NAZIS ND ALL Your evil minions--go to hell.

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