Sunday, November 29, 2009

Upper back spasms

Upper back spasms led to severe asthma last night. Scary to not be able to breathe, but cant go to dr. cant get what really need, heavy duty muscle relaxers. woke up this morning back is so bad, so tender, sp painful, hurts to inhabit my body. not functional right now. eyes dont want to open. too autistic to take in reality. i am forcing myself to move. desperately need to go to yoga, in hopes i can address some of muscle spasming, pain. i got three hours to try to get body into decent enought shape to drive ten miles to corrales. forget evrthing else--gym, flower markete,, just get to yoga and back. In the meantime the asthama and respiratiory disress are cauing me to come down with cold/flu symptoms--all related to not being able to breeathe well. One last note, dreamed last nite chinese had scored big victory in hidden war. do my problems have anything to do with maurice strong (felt compelled to surf on him the last couple of dayys) doling out his occultic bag of trics to his new patrons and benefactors. dont know. need to get online and see what all the moronic new age occultic gullibles are saying (Dear ones, there is an activation portal open now. Your ascension is imminent. Disregard momentary Pain. It is all part of the birthing process. Bullshit bullshit bullshit. and all the dumbasses say amen). I can't work with the dream tho cuz all i have is the one image, not the dream, so i cant work with it. It could be anything. all i know is that i have about three hours to try to get in good enuf shape to drive. have to tr.

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