Thursday, December 4, 2008

Woke up feeling like hell

Woke up feeling like hell and in total dismay over what the opus dei and secular satanists have done to my body. Everything hurts. Every muscle is locked in my abdomen, back, ribs shoulders and neck, My whole left side is weak to the ppoint of near paralysis, caused no dobut by the same implants which cause the edema. I have difficulty seeing as my right eye keeps going out of focus caused by the pressure on the optic nerve caused by all the csf in my brain, caused by their poison. Can hardly walk. or hold my head up. That is just the beginning. When I think of how my body was once, I weep. But for all the damned torture, I wake up resolved never to give in to either catholic fascists or satanic fascists. I am a human being with rights, something and someone that these two categories of subhuman evil know nothing about. I may live and die in misery proclaiming that, but it is better to suffer at their hands than to ever be one of their sick evil perverted cabal.

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